Personal Finance Round-Up: Living Like No One Else

It’s that time again for the weekly personal finance blog round up. If you are looking for the best financial articles on the web, look no further! At Money Crashers, we aim to bring you the best financial information available. This week’s posts include ways to save money, how to increase your income, and getting helpful financial advice. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. Here are some of the best financial posts for the week.

Personal Finance Blog Round Up

Living Like No One Else. If you spend less money than you make and live below your means, then you can live the rest of your life like no one else can. Delaying your wants today can lead to big rewards tomorrow. [Get Rich Slowly]

Preparing For A Long Decline. Great tips for navigating a new economic landscape with higher unemployment and a decline in standard of living. [The Simple Dollar]

20 More Income Generating Ideas. The readers of the site have submitted 20 ideas to make some extra cash. I found some of the ideas to be pretty original. These are a few of my favorite ideas from the site: tutoring, notary public, recycling, and temporary waste management company. [Bible Money Matters]

5 Tips To Acing An Interview. An especially useful article during these economic times when so many people are seeking employment. These tips will really benefit you on your next job interview. [Wisebread]

5 Lessons From My Encounter With A Financial Advisor. An interesting article about the importance of being prepared when meeting with a financial advisor. [Personal Finance Journey]

Encouraging Family And Friends To Improve Their Finances. I am a big proponent of financial empowerment and this post teaches how to deal with a very delicate subject (helping your friends and family members become more financially responsible). [Five Cent Nickel]

28 Tips To Save Money On Car Expenses And Save Thousands of Dollars. I think that anyone can benefit from this article. It teaches about how our cars are making us poor. You can save money on new car purchases, repairs, insurance, and gas. [Generation X Finance]

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  • gina

    I love your link to more income generating ideas. I think that often we are thinking about how to save more money. Nothing wrong with that, but when you pair it up with generating more income, you will definitely reach your goals more quickly.

    • Mark Riddix


  • Mac

    Hey, thanks for pulling in a bunch of excellent articles from around the web! Good summary by Get Rich Slowly: “If you spend less money than you make and live below your means, then you can live the rest of your life like no one else can” That’s exactly what I hope to do when buying my next home.

    • Mark Riddix

      You’re welcome!

  • Emily D.

    Thanks for this roundup- I have so many blogs in my reader it’s hard to keep on top of. The Living Like No One Else article sounds like it could come straight from my parents!