Personal Finance Round-Up: Planning a Debt Free Christmas

It seems in the past decade, Christmas has gone from feelings of excited anticipation to dread. It used to be something that we all looked forward to because it meant we got to spend time by the fire out of the cold with our families, got to eat big delicious meals, and could exchange heartfelt gifts with those we care about. Now, it has simply turned into loads of stress wrapped in a big price tag.

While some things have changed in a good way since the market crash of 2008 with more people focusing on saving their money and preparing for Christmas well in advance, it still feels like we are treated more like consumers during this time of year and less like people, with shopping ads and price cuts constantly bombarding us.

Well, things don’t have to be that way. We can still enjoy Christmas like it used to be. No Debt Plan, in Prepare and Plan Christmas 2010, has some great tips on ways to save for Christmas, avoid Christmas debt, and enjoy the holiday like it was meant to be enjoyed.

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