Personal Finance Round-up: School’s Out–Family Vacation Time!

School should be out in just about all parts of the country by now. So, for us parents, that means finding activites and so forth to occupy our children for the next three months. And high on that list of options is a family vacation. For those of us on a budget (and who isn’t if you’re a parent), cost is definitely a factor when planning a family vacation. But an article I read recently over at Help Me Travel Cheap raises the question: Should you take your own car on your family vacation or consider renting? My first reaction would be to take your own car all the way, but after reading this article, I almost became convinced that renting might be the better alternative. Check it out and make your own call.

Here are several other articles I found to be useful and informative in the world of personal finance:

Five Challenges of Buying Used (and How To Overcome Them). I hear about this all the time from friends, family and co-workers.  Buying used is a waste of money, you’re just buying garbage, and you’re buying stuff that other people simply don’t want.  Here are some tips to silence the critics. [The Simple Dollar]

How To Spot Counterfeit Money. A quick tip sheet on how to spot fake money.  This is useful to make sure you don’t receive any and also so you don’t pass any on [Five Cent Nickel]

8 Things Every High School Graduate Must Know About Money.  If only I had some of these tips when I was in high school.  My financial life would have turned out much differently.  I don’t know how much of this would sink in considering most kids of that age seem to be pretty high in the “know-it-all” area, but these tips are at least worth a try [Bible Money Matters]

Stop Being Judgmental About Your Friends’ Spending Habits.  Easier said than done, but some great advice for all of us [I Will Teach You To Be Rich]

Home Delivery:  Local and Long Distance. A very interesting article I found regarding the advantages of returning to how we used to do things in the old days—meaning, home delivery.  It brings to light several benefits and advantages that I had pretty much overlooked.  [Wise Bread]

How To Save Money on Tires. If you are getting ready for a family vacation, make sure to give those tires the once over.  And, if you decide you need new ones, here are some great tips  on how to save some dough.  Great stuff I’d say, because its easy to get ripped off when buying tires [Moneyning]

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  • Kevin V

    I just want to say I have good experience buying used. Remember that video card I wanted? I got a GeForce 9600GT through Craigslist for only $35. I had to drive a lil bit to meet the person but even with gas I still saved a significant amount.

    • david


      Hey, there’s nothing at all wrong with buying used. Also, a lot of places selling “used” stuff will have many items that are nearly new!