Personal Finance Round-Up: Setting Your Financial Goals

setting financial goalsWe often wonder where our money goes, why we never have more money than we should, and why we can’t afford to buy life’s luxuries. The reason for this is most likely because you don’t have financial goals. A life without goals is like wandering in the forest without a compass. You’re going somewhere, but you have no idea if it’s the right path or not. On Generation X Finance, he describes how to set financial goals with a goal worksheet. Gen X Finance is a great blog for those of us that are in some of the most important years of our life, the twenties and thirties. These years and the decisions we make during them will make or break our financial future. I liked this article, because it shows you a practical way to set your financial goals, rather than just telling you that you should have some goals.

Here are some other great articles from around the personal finance blogging community.

How To Get Burglars To Rob Your House. Obviously, no one WANTS to get robbed, but in some cases, you may be able to prevent it by not following these ideas. [Bargaineering]

Grow Your Savings By Paying In Full. When you pay for things in cash and in full, you get better deals, it’s as simple as that. You have so much more negotiation power, and you’re able to search for better bargains. [Get Rich Slowly]

5 Questions Couples Should Ask In The Money Talk. If you haven’t had the “money talk” with your fiance or significant other yet, you must do it. If you’re not on the same page with someone you want to marry, there could be big problems in your marriage. Money is the number one cause of marriage fights and divorce in the United States. [Wise Bread]

Start Living On One Income. If both spouses work, it’s a great idea to try to live on one income. Then, it makes it so much easier to save money, because you know that the entire other paycheck goes into the savings account or to paying off debt. [Debt Free Adventure]

10 Ways To Save Money Using The Internet. There are some great tips in this article, this is a good one to bookmark and save for reference throughout the year! [Canadian Finance]

Sell Your House Faster! A lot of people often wonder why their house isn’t selling, but they aren’t willing to do some necessary tasks to make it more appealing. Here are some great tips to help sell your house quicker. [Money Smart Life]

8 Ways To Keep Focused When Working at Home. This article caught my eye, because I often work from home. I actually find myself MORE productive when I work from home, but these are some great tips for staying focused and balanced. [Lazy Man And Money]

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  • Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog

    Thanks for the mention Erik!

  • Stephan

    so true, planning and goal setting is vital, if you dont know where you want to be, how can you make the decisions to get there? i am still young(mid 20’s), and i hope that my planning for the future will give me the freedom to do what i want in a couple of decades, and i know if i werent planning to do that, i would never get to the point where i can.

  • Ben @ Money Smart Life

    I remember my favorite high school teacher always told us, “if you fail to plan, you should probably plan to fail”. That always comes to mind when I start thinking about making goals.

    Thanks for mentioning the article on selling your house faster!