Personal Finance Round-Up: Starting Your Own Business

The current economic environment is the perfect climate to undertake an entrepreneurial venture. You can place your financial security in your own hands by starting a new business. In keeping with that theme, Penny Jobs takes a look at How Long Does It Take For A New Business or New Product Idea To Take Off? Sometimes new business owners give up an on idea way too quickly. It may take years for your new business venture to generate significant revenue. The key is to be persistent and to hang in there even during the tough times.

Here are a couple great articles written over the past week in the personal finance blogosphere.

You Can’t Tell Who’s Rich Anymore. A good post about the difference between being really rich vs. being shallow rich. Being truly rich means having a great family, friends, and being on solid financial ground. [Moneymonk]

8 Money Misteps That Can Hurt You Financially. A great list of financial mistakes that can leave you in financial ruin. If you want to be financially successful, avoid these pitfalls. [Free Money Finance]

Top 5 Best Android Personal Finance Apps. An interesting article about personal finance apps that can help you with just about any financial situation from saving money on gas to calculating the tip. [20 Something Finance]

Is Billionaire The New Millionaire? This post takes a look at exactly how much money you will need to retire. The author details how saving and investing is the easiest path to becoming a millionaire. [The Amateur Financier]

Quick Tips To Save On Home Insurance. Are you looking to lower the premium on your homeowner’s insurance? The Financial Blogger gives you 5 quick ways to lower your insurance bill. [The Financial Blogger]

5 Ways To Save Money With Online Banks. As a big fan of online banks, I enjoyed reading about ways that online banking can help you save money. [Christian PF]

Is Investing In Stocks A Good Option For The Youth? While it’s never too late to start investing, individuals that start investing early have the greatest potential to accumulate great sums of wealth. [Grad Money Matters]

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(Photo credit: Ivan Walsh)