Personal Finance Round-Up: All Work and No Play Is No Good

all work no playAs I’m writing this, I’m actually sitting on a sandy beach during a much needed vacation. Vacations, big or small, are essential to mental health and can help keep you motivated and going strong.┬áBut how in the world can anyone afford to travel now with gas prices rising, airlines milking us for every penny they can, and the price of everything else getting just ridiculous?

My family and I plan and budget for our annual vacation each year. It is costly but we make it work by sacrificing in other areas. There’s only so much money and if we don’t balance things out we’ll come up short. That plan doesn’t leave much for the rest of the year though and that can get difficult when stress starts to build up.

One thing that helps and doesn’t eat into the budget too much is a staycation. If during the year, my wife and I decide we need a break that is outside our original plans, we’ll look for some local event that the whole family can attend. As Family Balance Sheets points out in Fun Staycation Ideas from All Across the Country, there are things in just about every area of the country that you can do very inexpensively to let loose.

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