Personal Finance Round-Up: Avoid Holiday Scams

santa holiday scamSaving money during the Christmas shopping seasons is a great idea, and buying used is one way to do just that. There are plenty of things you can buy used that still make for a great gift and aren’t even a bit tacky. Such gifts include used cars, sports gear, electronics, and even upscale used jewelry.

There are also many places to buy used including online classifieds and through private parties. However, it’s important to be wary of scams. With the widespread use of the Internet and online classifieds, scamming has taken a huge leap. Scammers are trickier, faster, and often more believable. Nothing would ruin Christmas faster than the lure of a deal too good to be true and being scammed out of your holiday savings.

Online classified aren’t the only scams floating around this year. Money Talks News published The 12 Scams of Christmas which is a very helpful list of hot scams this holiday season to look out for.

Here are some more articles and warnings for the holiday season:

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