Personal Finance Roundup: Boosting Your Income

Once again it’s time for the weekly roundup. We have searched high and low to bring you the best personal finance posts on the internet. This week I want to start off the roundup with ways to boost your income. Everyone can use a few extra dollars each month to help pay some bills or add to their emergency savings account. Increasing your income will help you get one step closer to retirement. First up is Personal Finance Firewall with his post on Low Cost Business Ideas To Supplement Or Replace Your Income.

The Financial Blogger shows you how to Make Money Online Through Freelance Writing. Freelance writing can be a lucrative business if you are looking to make some side income.

My Journey To Millions takes a look at Why You Should Try To Get The Smallest Tax Refund Possible? He discusses how you are losing income by getting a big tax refund. Getting a big refund is like giving the government an interest free loan.

Couple Money discusses Friends and Money – Advice on Handling Sticky Situations. We talk a lot on Money Crashers some of the ways to get around the difficult situations of talking and dealing with money with friends and family. Take a look at the advice here and you’ll definitely find it helpful.

The Debt Kid helps you to focus on what’s really important in The American Dream Isn’t Dead. Be thankful for things such as having food, clothing, friends, and family. The current recession is teaching us all to be thankful for the intangible things. They count more than any luxury possession that you can buy.

At Deliver Away Debt, it’s never too early to talk about Christmas 2010 On A Budget. Definitely read through this post for tips on staying within budget for Christmas. If you prepare early and have a good plan, it’ll make for a much better Christmas!

Planting Dollars asks How Long Do I Have To Act Poor Till I’m Rich? The author states that the 2 ways to increase your net worth are by either lowering your expenses or boosting your income.

I always love a good income generating post. Richard Branson discusses Entrepreneurship And Business Ideas with Richard Branson.

Smart on Money explains how to make compound interest work for you in  The Power Of Compound Interest. The theory of compound interest shows you how to let your money make you money.

The Amateur Financier takes a look at The Future Of Wealth: The New Retirement. Future retirees will not be able to just depend on Social Security and pension plans to make ends meet. Retirement in the future will mean working longer and generating income even in the retirement years.

Cash Flow Sherpas details The Power Of Small: Improve Your Finances One Step At A Time. Small everyday financial decisions will have a big effect on your finances.

Cool to be Frugal explains Why I’m Done Obsessing Over Debt. Taking the steps to get out of debt and have a good strategy is always the first step. This post talks about moving on to the next step, “adding income,” which can help prevent ever getting back into debt in the future.

MoneyUnder30 asks Can Grads Still Afford To Be Picky? The current job market is forcing new college grads to take whatever job is available. Is this a smart move or should you hold out for the job you really want?

Happy Blog Birthday to Digging Out From Under Our Mess. An awesome blog reaches a big birthday. Go check them out and give them some love.

Our awesome friend Jaime discusses the important balance between Work and Peace. Work and money are important, but don’t let it rule your entire life and ultimately make you unhappy.

Want some summer reading. Check out this eclectic list of books from Early Retirement Extreme. There’s some awesome knowledge and perspective you can get from these books.

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