Personal Finance Round-Up: Are You Bored of Your Job?

Work is not the greatest of things that we have to do in life. Most people in my experience don’t like their job. I’ve heard that in order to be happy in your job, you must like two of three things: the people you work with, the work itself, or the pay. Pick two and you’ll be happy.

I’m sure there are plenty of other, more specific reasons to be happy, but I’d say these three things do a pretty good job of summing it up. So what about the other majority of people who only have one of these three things, or worse, none of them? There is a good chance that in this job market, they will have trouble finding something else even if they are unhappy in their job, so are they just stuck in an unhappy position?

Well, one thing is to make the work itself more enjoyable. Free Money Finance, in a post titled
How to Deal with a Boring Job, discusses some ways to make your work more interesting. Sometimes doing things like this can not only make you happier at work but can eventually develop into career advancements that could lead to bigger and better things within or even outside the company you work at.

Here are some more articles that are anything but boring from this past week:

Is it Okay For an Employer to Google or Facebook You?
When you do venture out and start looking for a job, whether you’re working now or not, be sure to remember what kind of world we live in today. Companies have so many more tools to screen candidates than they used to so you better be sure you look good in every light available, Twitter and Facebook included. [Saving to Invest]

Improve Your Finances With Micro Goals and a Personal Finance Roundup
Be it at work or in your personal life, self-improvement is important to a happy life. By making your goals more specific and targeted, you will be able to reach them and consistently improve. [Moolanomy]

5 Ways The Blogosphere Is Like The Entertainment Industry
This piece points out some interesting observations that liken blogging as a business to the entertainment industry. If you’re looking to become the Fergie of Finance, you should check this out. [ABDPBT]

Infographic: The History of Coupons
Ever wonder who invented coupons and how they have developed over the years from being something strictly sent out once a week in subscription newspapers to dedicated daily-deal websites? This infographic can unravel the mystery behind coupons. []

Dealing with Post-Holiday Credit Card Debt
Christmas may no longer be on your mind, but many out there are still thinking about that Christmas debt. There are ways to cure the Christmas hangover; check this out for a few. [WiseBread]

18 Fast Facts You Didn’t Know About Social Security Numbers
Social Security is another mystery that from time to time jumps into the public view like it has lately. Currently, everyone is expecting the benefits to drop off, leading to a lot of panic. In the spirit of the renewed interest, here are some things you probably didn’t know about that little 9-digit number you call your own. [Len Penzo]

Reduce Government Debt by Putting Lawmakers on Commission
Here’s an interesting idea: what if lawmakers were paid on commission for reducing debt, and punished financially for adding to it? I can certainly see some benefits to the idea, but even the author doesn’t think it will ever happen. What do you think of this idea? [PF By The Book]

The Most Important Factor in Retirement Savings
The advice found in this article may sound obvious when you first hear it, but think it over and you’ll realize how true and deep this information is. Even something so simple is often forgotten. [Get Rich Slowly]

Quarter of Americans Don’t Trust Charities
It’s a pretty huge statistic that so many Americans (25%) don’t trust charities, but I’m right there in that statistic. My problem is that I don’t know where charity money is going and therefore have doubts that my money is helping anyone, especially after hearing stories of absurd administrative costs of some charities. Do you trust charities? [Financial Press Gazette]

Roth Conversion Math
Roth, 401k, IRA. These terms are all loaded with mystery and questions, but what’s worse is when you need to move money between them in the case of job loss or other life-altering events. Will I be penalized here? What if I do this or that? Some of those questions are answered here. [Oblivious Investor]

Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?
A question on the minds of many Americans is whether they are saving enough money. Check out this quiz that can tell you if you are saving enough, and if the answer is no, how can get you on the right track to retire the way retirement is meant to be: comfortably? [Kiplinger]

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