Personal Finance Round-Up: Watch Out for Car Dealer Scams

car dealershipGetting ripped off can be a consumer’s worst nightmare, and car salespeople can be particularly devious, often making the process difficult. Many car salespeople work on commission, and any extra you are willing to pay pads their wallets.

However, if you think you’ll never figure out their tricks, think again: In the article, Avoid These Car Dealership Sales Tricks, U.S. News speaks to car industry experts, who share their secrets to help you the next time you need to buy a new automobile.

There are a number of red flags to keep an eye out for. For instance, if a dealership advertises cars that end up not actually being on the lot, that’s a bad sign. Explaining that an advertised car you are interested in “just sold” is another shady tactic a salesperson may try to use. These bait-and-switch strategies should signal you to take your business elsewhere. Some tips are even less obvious. For example, you should always consider discussing a deal over the phone, rather than in person, as you are less likely to be pressured, given that hanging up is easier than walking away.

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