Personal Finance Roundup: Will Your Christmas Dinner Menu Be Unforgettable?

Thanksgiving may be the holiday that revolves around dinner, but I get more interested in Christmas dinner myself. Maybe it’s because there isn’t an obligation towards the turkey and we can have more variety with Christmas, or because all the gift opening makes me really hungry.

Obviously, with the increased cravings come increased food costs (not to mention increased pants sizes…) and there is definitely an art to saving money during Christmas. One great way to save is to plan ahead, and on that note, check out this post called Organized Christmas – Plan Your Holiday Menu by Mrs. January detailing some basics of getting organized and saving at dinnertime.

No matter what kind of meal you are planning (traditional, big or small, or festive potluck), early preparation and good planning can drastically decrease your stress level and enjoyment during Christmas dinner.

Here’s a little potluck of goodies provided by the rest of the finance community:

The stages of Christmas gift giving, Part I
Family dynamics seem to change more in a year than anything else around us and how that affects gift-giving during Christmas is pretty interesting, as observed in this article. Which stage of gift-giving is your family in now? [Gather Little By Little]

What happens in Vegas…Comes home on our joint credit card bill
When buying your Christmas gifts this year, remember who has access to your credit card bill. You would hate for your wife’s big surprise to be spoiled because she got an email notification from your credit card company detailing a big purchase that was meant for Christmas day (or in the case of this post, some adult entertainment meant for his eyes only). [Dinks]

5 Fantastic Financial Christmas Gifts Ideas for Children
Shopping for kids during Christmas is tough. They want things that will rot their teeth and their brains, but you want to get them things that will help them improve their future. Here are some ideas related to the latter that your kids will still enjoy. [PT Money]

Don’t Lock Yourself into an Expert’s Advice
I’m always weary of experts’ advice, especially if they have a cult following. It doesn’t matter if the subject is investing, getting out of debt, or what the best Christmas gift is this year, check out these reasons to consider before following an “expert.” [Fiscal Fizzle]

Social Security Holiday: The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Looks like the US Government may give us all a gift that will keep giving for an entire year – a social security tax break! While it hasn’t passed just yet, check out the details and an insightful opinion about the proposal here. [Thousandaire]

Squirreling Gone Wild #19: Well Played, Mr. Waiter
When a little extra kindness by a service employee makes your heart grow two sizes, be aware there may be ulterior motives when you dine out this season. It may be the drawstrings on your purse they want to grow two sizes. [Squirrelers]

Are You Ready For a Baby?
If you are expecting more than just gifts this Christmas, you’d better ask yourself “Am I ready?” because that little bundle of joy may just catch you off guard. [The Financial Blogger]

How Do Credit Card Companies Make Money?
When charging all your gifts this year, take into consideration how credit card companies make money. Credit cards may be the most convenient way to pay, but if you don’t know where you are paying the company behind the card, they may get more out of you than you know. [Studenomics]

6 Holiday Recipes For Under $10
Another great way to spend less on food this Christmas is to go for inexpensive recipes. Check out these delicious and festive ideas with a tiny price-tag. [MintLife Blog]

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