Personal Finance Round-Up: Christmas Gifts From Around the Web

santa clauseChristmas is upon us, and if our ancestors could see the items we pile beneath the tree for our loved ones, I’m sure they would be amazed at the variety. Some presents that are bound to be under nearly every tree are practical homemade gifts like socks and scarfs, video games, some “iProduct” from Apple, and an ugly sweater or two. Another gift that graces Christmases past and present is cash.

Cash can be a great gift, and not just at Christmas. The extra monetary help is always appreciated, but are we doing a disservice by gifting greenbacks? Some aren’t so sure that it’s helping. An article posted at the Retire Happy Blog, Does Giving Kids Money Really Help Them? details some of the arguments for and against this practice. What is your take on giving cash?

Here are some more gifts from around the web:

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From toys to fire safety to seasonal depression, these quick tips will help you get the most out of your holiday season without costing you a fortune.

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What’s your take? Should naughty children be taught a lesson on Christmas? Would it make a difference?

10 of the Most Popular Toys Ever [Mango Grove]
They don’t make things like they used to.” This is a phrase you’ll be likely to hear in the days following Christmas, but what is it “they” made that was so great? Here’s a list.

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The 11th hour is quickly approaching. These gifts will be welcomed at any Christmas gathering. They can be quickly assembled and personalized, and are inexpensive.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Regifting [MintLife Blog]
Regifting, for some, is an unacceptable practice. For others, it’s just common sense. Here’s how to do it without causing grief for yourself or loved ones.

Occupy San Francisco Starts a Credit Union for the 99% [2MinuteFinance]
The Occupy movement has been met with criticism recently as some individuals have purportedly engaged in unruly behavior. This faction, however, is doing something great to make change happen now.

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