Personal Finance Round-Up: Christmas With a Dash of Spirit

christmas spiritBuy buy buy! Sometimes, that’s what I feel Christmas has come down to. It’s all about buying that perfect gift at some retailer. I know, this discussion crops up every year: “The spirit of Christmas is dead; it’s all about commercialism now.” Well, it deserves mention yet again, because for many people, holiday spirit still lives!

Some of you have actually toned down the buy mentality and are looking at creating more personal gifts this year, like homemade clothing or Christmas treats. Others have even gone a step further, which is the case with Leo from Zen Habits. He writes about his kids who have opted out of receiving any Christmas gifts at all.

In Kids Who Are Gift-Less Are Gifted, Leo explains what happened when he gave his kids a choice between getting gifts and taking a different approach to the holidays. It’s an inspiring notion – no gifts, no retail, no debt…just pure Christmas spirit.

More holiday inspiration can be found in the following:

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