Personal Finance Round-Up: Don’t Burn Your Bridges

businessman bridgeThe phrase “Don’t burn your bridges” can be interpreted in many ways, but in general, it means don’t ruin a relationship you’ve spent time cultivating regardless of what happens. For example, in the career world, don’t quit your job in a bad way such as cooling your feet in the soft-serve machine at the ice cream parlor you work for, or sending mass emails to all your coworkers telling them exactly what you think of them.

You never know what can happen in the future and your previous connections may be your most powerful tool for finding a new job or starting your own business. As told by one who takes the advice about not burning bridges seriously, One Cent At A Time writes Be Better Employee, Have Dignified Exit, How to Quit. Quitting is an important part of a working relationship, so remember that next time you’re angry at your boss!

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  • Onecentatatime

    Thanks Jesse for including my as the pick of this round up!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the link! I recently read and was inspired by Erica. biz’s 30 days without email trial, and I particularly love how she solved an obvious problem — how will important messages come through? — by creating a new account that ONLY her boyfriend and her assistant knew the address to. I think I’m going to try to go one week each quarter without email.

  • The College Investor

    Thanks for the mention!