Personal Finance Round-Up: Earning More, Saving More

earn more moneyWhen you think you’ve done everything you can to improve your personal and family finances, you may want to take a closer look. It’s likely that there’s just one more aspect of your financial health that you need to examine: your earning potential.

We all have huge potential to earn more. If you have a day job, you could perhaps take on new projects, or volunteer for paid overtime. You also have the ability to earn more via a different venue. You could start a side business, or you could simply sell things you create, like crafts. Quizzle recently posted an article entitled Don’t Save Money. Make More! which gives examples of things you could do to increase your earnings.

Put these articles at the top of your reading list – they could help you form your next money-making venture:

12 Tax Scams to Avoid Like the Plague [ABC News]
Tax season is scary enough on its own, isn’t it? Yet we have scams to worry about too. Here is a current list of some of the top scams to avoid this tax season. Be very careful who you give your data to, no matter who they are or what they are offering.

Want to Succeed With Your Business? Content Is Currency [Personal Dividends]
In many industries there is a golden recipe for success, which varies between industries. Here is one for the creative professional. If you don’t do these things already, it’s time to take them into consideration.

3 Situations When You Need Cash vs. Debit or Credit [One Money Design]
“Cash only” isn’t exactly a common phrase, but there are still businesses that require it – and it’s much easier to leave a cash tip when dining out. It’s always best to keep a little cash on-hand.

Reduce Risk by Investing in Foreign Shares [Monevator]
One thing to consider when investing is diversity – diversity in amounts, shares, and markets. You could branch out overseas and see what the foreign markets can bring in.

Which States Will Add Jobs in 2012? [Kiplinger]
Would you move for a job? Take a look at which states are estimated to have the largest percentage rates of job growth in the U.S. The economy seems to be bouncing back after a few down years, despite what doomsayers will tell you.

Retirement Income Options for Entrepreneurs [Do Not Wait!]
Are you an entrepreneur looking to invest in your retirement? There aren’t as many options for you as in years past, and they are generally more expensive than employer-sponsored plans. However, there are still some great options. Create a “road map” today and make sure you are on track for a comfortable retirement, no matter your employment status.

Dow Nears Psychological Milestone: 13,000 [Los Angeles Times]
Some said it would never come. Many have doubts of its significance. No matter how you look at it, the numbers don’t lie: The Dow has crossed the 13,000 mark, the highest point since 2008. Does this mean the market is now beginning to stabilize, or is it just a meaningless symbol?

10 Steps to Smartphone Privacy [Information Week]
Smartphones contain so much of your private information that the idea of losing it seems devastating. Check these tips on how to secure your phone.

9 Big-Time Money Wasters and How to Avoid Them [PerkStreet]
These mistakes are huge no-no’s, and are likely costing you money. Check this list to see if you are making any of them, and how to stop once and for all.

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