Personal Finance Round-Up: Weathering the Financial Crisis Ahead

financial crisisLiving in the moment is great, and life has a lot to offer. However, as we get older, we have to face reality and start planning for the later years of our lives. The earlier the better in terms of investments and retirement, but there are other things to think about as well.

While some aspects of planning for the future haven’t changed too much in recent years, others argue that this decade will be very different. In fact, some predict that our generation will experience another Great Depression. In case that truly is the case, check out a post by Smart on Money titled, The Great Depression Ahead and What You Can Do to Survive to get an idea of how you can prepare for the future.

Here are more great articles from the week:

Change Your Paycheck Tax Withholding (W4) [Saving to Invest]
As your life progresses and you experience new milestones, consider adjusting your financial plan to accommodate the new events in life.

Could You Live Without a Credit Card [Faith and Finance]
Many things in the future, near and far, are unclear and uncontrollable. However, one thing you can control is how you spend. Is the credit card part of your future plans?

The Secret to Keeping Your Job? Try Doing It Well! [DollarVersity]
Another thing you have control over is yourself. If you’re worried about losing your job, make sure you are doing it to the best of your ability. Make sure you are the top performer and there won’t be a question as to who they should keep around.

How Obesity Can Affect Your Finances [Yes, I Am Cheap]
You may not be as worried about your health as you are your finances, but you should be because your health will cost you dearly if neglected

How to Survive in Today’s Society as a Single Parent []
Navigating this economic climate as a single parent can prove to be tough, but you can get through it with a little help.

The Pros and Cons of Spontaneous Travel [Man vs. Clock]
Never forget your dreams or pass up the chance to do something amazingly spontaneous and out of the ordinary. If that something includes travel, consider the repercussions beforehand here.

Should You Get AppleCare for Your Laptop? [Wallet Watch]
Decades ago, products would far outlive their owners but now that’s not the case. Do you purchase protection for your gear or let it expire and be replaced?

Should I Buy a New Car or Used Car? [World of Finance]
Which will prove the better investment in the long run, a new car fresh off the lot or a used vehicle that has seen a few summers?

Top Baby Boomer Retirement Communities [Consumer Boomer]
When the time comes to retire, you may want to move into a cushy place where all your needs are taken care of. Make sure to do your homework on the best places to live.

Hostels For Adults: Spend Travel Money Where It Counts [Get Rich Slowly]
This goes without saying on just about every topic related to finance: When you pay for something, make sure you get what you pay for.

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