Personal Finance Round-Up: Understand Your Financial Decision-Making Process

financesIf you regularly read articles about investing and have a strong understanding of how the stock market works, then you likely feel that you can make sophisticated, proper choices when it comes to your portfolio. However, what you may not know is that you need more than just “number” knowledge to make these types of decisions.

A recent U.S. News article, How the Ellsberg Paradox Impacts Your Investing Strategy, highlights how the human brain tends to avoid what is ambiguous – this is the Ellsberg Paradox. Author Jason Hull explains how this psychological effect can be work against you when it comes to making investment decisions, as most people tend to stick with what is comfortable and become severely risk-averse over time. In addition to the other tips he outlines, Hull stresses that you should explore all options before making financial decisions, and to keep your end goals in mind to assist your decision-making process.

Here are some other articles that may help you to make better decisions with your money:

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    Hey, MC crew! Thanks for including my U.S. News article! Little did I realize that this is the same Ellsberg who released the Pentagon Papers. I wonder if he felt any paradoxes during that time? :-)