Personal Finance Round-Up: Good Habits Equal Great Finances

good habits can help you save moneyIt’s easy to get stuck in a daily routine: Wake up, grab coffee on the way to work, stop by a convenience store in the afternoon, and get takeout on your way home in the evening. Routines can be good, but not when they cost you hundreds of dollars every month that could be put toward saving goals or paying down debt.

Savvy Sugar has some very easy tips that will save you more than $500 a month. Check out the list of 18 Ways to Save (At Least) $1 a Day and try to incorporate as many of these methods into your routine to better your financial life.

Develop other good financial habits with the help of these other articles:

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With every journey, you have to start somewhere. That first step, no matter how difficult, will always open the door to the future. Have you taken the first step toward your dream?

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AAA is the leading automotive membership club in the United States, boasting more than 50 million members. But is it really worth the cost? One ex-member says it is not.

Should You Buy Travel Insurance? [Five Cent Nickel]
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Do You Fall For These 7 Popular College Myths? [Debt-Free Scholar]
There are plenty of myths about college, and if they affect your decisions regarding what school to attend, you could be making a big mistake.

Curb Your Bad Habits, Improve Your Finances [Credit Karma Blog]
Being successful has just as much to do with halting the negative aspects of your life as it does with creating positive habits. Are bad habits harming your financial success?

Reducing Financial Impacts of a Job Loss [2Million’s Personal Finance Blog]
Losing your job can create quite a financial problem. And if the layoff is unexpected, it may make things much worse. Regardless, there are steps you can take at any time to prepare for unemployment and the span of time until you find new income.

Using Secured Credit Cards to Build and Rebuild Credit [You Have More Than You Think]
Prepaid credit cards won’t do your credit score any good, but a secured credit card can actually build credit. Here’s the dirt on secured credit cards.

50 Gorgeous Hostels for Design Lovers [Hostelbookers]
Hostels aren’t always the most glamorous places to stay when traveling, but they are likely cheaper than other options. Here are some beautiful and modern hostels that you may actually enjoy staying at.

The Market Is Volatile. Hang on for the Ride! [Afford Anything]
The market is always teeter-tottering, sometimes taking larger than usual dips and upswings. If done properly, such times can be ideal for riding the waves and building a strong portfolio.

When to Buy and When to DIY [Money Talks News]
DIY projects can be a money-saver – from home improvements to electronic devices, it’s fun and frugal to make and repair things yourself. However, in some situations, you’re better off leaving a job to the professionals. Here are some guidelines.

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