Personal Finance Round-Up: Layaway for the Holidays?

layaway gift piggyCredit cards are one of those things we have a love-hate relationship with. We love the convenience of being able to pay with plastic, the safety of not carrying around large sums of cash, and the ability to pay online. However, interest fees and credit card company tricks make the decision of using cash or credit much more difficult.

Layaway is making a comeback in lieu of credit this season. Instead of buying something now and paying later or over time, layaway programs allow you to put a down payment on something to hold it in store and then you can return at a later date to pay the remainder of the cost and take your new item home. You aren’t charged any interest in most situations and if you don’t return to pick up your purchase within the allotted amount of time, typically 90 days, your product is put back on the shelves. There is a processing fee in some cases and you’ll need to return to the store to pick up your deposit.

This may sound like a great alternative to credit, especially for the holidays, but some contend that layaway is just another way for retailers to sneak in fees. In this article, Schumer Targets Layaway Charges as Next Credit Fiasco, credit cards and layaway programs are compared and the claims are explained.

Regardless of how you choose to pay, layaway or credit, make sure you carefully read over the fine print. Know your credit card due dates and interest rates so they don’t accidentally cost you money. On the same token, know your layaway programs and make sure they don’t end up costing you more when you’re trying to save during the holidays.

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  • Frugal Toad

    Always good advice to know the terms of your credit cards. As part of the Credit Card Act of 2009, consumers now have 21 days from the date bills are delivered to make minimum payment. Also I just heard today that Walmart is offering 6 months no interest layaway for holiday shopping. That is a deal too good to pass up! Thanks for the mention, it is appreciated!

  • Money Reasons

    Thanks for the mention!

    This year has flown by! I can’t believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving already!

    It’s funny that your title reminds me of my grandparents and when they had a store and would keep layaways in the back lol…