Personal Finance Round-Up: Leverage What You Have

red house leverageThe U.S. government is in trouble – money trouble that is. We as a nation are in trillions of dollars of debt, much of that to foreign countries, which is scary in and of itself. The worst part is that we are going more and more into debt every day.

So what can the U.S. government do? I mean, the budget remains unbalanced, but to balance it would require enormous cuts like never seen before. Plus, we’d lose too much of what the government provides.

Well, to answer that question, Mike at has found a creative way to pay off U.S. debt. Why doesn’t the government tap into capitalism to help get the country back in the black? The economy may be hurting, but companies are still buying advertising. Why not rent out some premium space on the White House wall or lawn, hang something from the Washington Monument, or drape a very large Prada dress over the Statue of Liberty?

While those may be extreme measures, and $30 million for such tactics wouldn’t even dent the deficit on Capital Hill, it reminds me that we all have assets that we sometimes forget about or devalue. Each and every one of us has unique circumstances and experiences. Combine that with a little innovation and you have a winning combination.

Here are some more innovators with something to say:

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