Personal Finance Round-Up: Life Is Not a Fairy Tale

life is not a fairy taleDespite what you might wish, life is not a fairy tale. It can be cold and difficult, and there are a lot of “wicked witches” out there. So living your life as if it were a fairy tale doesn’t really make sense, does it?

Be happy and live life to the fullest – but always remember that you need to be realistic! Otherwise, you and your finances will not live “happily ever after,” as explained in this post from So Over Debt entitled 5 Fairy Tales That Keep You in Debt. It’s time to wake up, usher the dwarves out the front door, and stop dreaming of knights in shining armor. Take hold of your own financial life and make a better future for yourself!

If you wished upon a star for help with your finances, your wish just came true! Check out these gems:

How Multiple Streams of Income Work & Why It Is Important to Have Them [Extra Money Blog]
One way to achieve the income of your dreams is to add income streams. By adding multiple streams of income, you can create a large pipeline of money flowing into your bank account. Even the smallest streams can add up.

Documents Show How Fed Missed Housing Bust [Fox News]
It has been years since the housing market went into the red, but still people are wondering how it happened. This article may shed some light on what went wrong.

It Must Be Nice, Right? [The Financial Blogger]
It’s hard to not envy what others have, especially in a culture with such a huge divide between the wealthy and the poor. But what exactly are you doing to make your own dreams come true?

Suze Orman’s Card Is Not Approved by Me [Thousandaire]
It’s not everyday you can call one person both a “pop icon” and a “financial guru,” but Suze Orman fits both categories. Her prepaid debit card, however, is less impressive.

How to Keep Focused on the Future Without Going Crazy Today [Smart Step, Inc]
January is a time for goal-setting and focusing on the future. We all try to create a better future by looking ahead, but there is merit in focusing on the present too.

What Is The American Dream? [The Writer’s Coin]
The “American Dream” is something that motivates many of us, every day. What does the American Dream mean to you?

How to Improve Your Memory (and Even Get a Little Smarter) [Wise Bread]
Your mind is a muscle, and without exercise it can become weaker. Here are some methods to keep your mind sharp, exercise your memory, and even expand your capacity for knowledge.

Never Shop at a Grocery Store Again – A Review of Peapod [Passive Family Income]
Eating healthy on a budget is a difficult task, especially as your life becomes busier. Food delivery services, such as Peapod, may help.

How to Spend the Remaining Balance on Cash Gift Cards [Three Thrifty Guys]
Gift cards have both good and bad aspects. One of the glaring problems is that retailers have a hard time tracking and managing what’s on the cards, and in the end, we, the consumers, suffer for it. Here is a tip to solve that problem.

Dust Collectors: Office Dinosaurs You Used to Love [Business Pundit]
The world is changing at an alarming rate, and you can’t accurately imagine what next year might bring in terms of tech and business. Here are some office products that you may remember but won’t see any longer.

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