Personal Finance Round-Up: Get the Lowdown on the Latest Money Apps

appAre you always on the lookout for the latest, greatest smartphone apps? From keeping track of expenses to your exercise goals, utilizing smartphone apps can be a fast, cheap, and efficient way to manage your life. However, determining which apps to use can be quite difficult.

Many apps are hard to resist because they are free to install but you still end up paying the price of potentially being spammed, receiving incessant alerts, or compromising your privacy by having your location and behavior tracked. It can also be time-consuming to figure out whether the application is actually what you need – especially when it comes to financial apps, which are available in droves.

In a recent article in CNN’s Money Magazine, The 15 Freshest Money Apps and Websites, Ismat Sarah Mangla, Troy Dreier, and Elizabeth Woyke suggest the best apps to cut your bills, get the best deals, or even help you invest smarter – without having to waste time with trial and error. Whether you seek to keep all your bills in one place, determine which credit card is the best to use for any given purchase, or want to learn how to reduce your home energy bills, this article can recommend exactly what you need.

Here are some other articles that may help you make better choices with your money:

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