Personal Finance Round-Up: Make a Budget and Enjoy Yourself

budget for things you enjoyPersonal finance is ultimately personal. Still, people often judge others on what they buy, as well as what they don’t buy. We examine and interpret the spending habits of others, even if we try not to. And ultimately, it is the earner who should be deciding where money is spent – even if “bad” choices are made.

Furthermore, it is up to each individual to create a budget that dictates where and how money is spent. How each person budgets is up to him or her, and it may include some things that you or I don’t necessarily agree with, be it a lavish vacation or a few lottery tickets every once in a while.

Donna Freedman purchases a few lotto tickets per year, knowing full well that the odds are against her, but she enjoys every minute of the anticipation that comes with playing the lotto. Her reasoning is sound, and can be read in full at Get Rich Slowly in the post, Why It’s Okay to Buy a Mega Millions Ticket (Even After You’ve Done the Math).

Donna’s main point is, “If you want those things, then budget for them and enjoy them.” Check out these other noteworthy articles from the personal finance community as well:

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