Personal Finance Round-Up: Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

frustrated manSometimes in life, we find ourselves in positions that may feel awkward and undesirable but is often necessary. For example, I’m sure that with the foreclosure rate in the US steadily climbing, many people are finding themselves in these very situations. They’ll need to do something about it even if it means swallowing their pride and moving back into their parents’ house.

Several relatives of mine, including my brother, have recently moved back home because they’ve either lost their job or home, or had a pay cut and simply couldn’t make ends meet. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and can sometimes even have a positive effect on your life when it’s all over. In a recent post over at Punch Debt in the Face entitled Life just got awkward, Debt Ninja describes the situation he’s in where he will be moving back home for a few months. In his case, the move is voluntary and temporary, but the fiscal benefits of moving back into his parents house are great.

No matter where you live, these articles can help you move forward financially:

Saving Money at the Risk of Personal Safety – Balance?
Safety is becoming increasingly important as technology advances and science proves that the way we have been doing things for years is actually unsafe. And of course money is and always has been a big deal. So when is it okay to risk safety to save some cash? [Darwin’s Finance]

Winter’s Farmers Markets: Healthy, Seasonal and Budget-Friendly Suggestions
Winter is a tough season. It’s cold, you can’t easily go outside and you definitely can’t grow a home garden for yourself. However, believe it or not, some crops and produce do flourish during the winter months and can be found at your local farmers market. Here are some suggested buys when it’s cold outside. [Mint Life Blog]

Will You Really Use Your New Gym Membership?
January is the time to join a gym. Unsurprisingly, gym membership sales climb every year as people try to make good on their New Year’s resolutions. But is a gym really for you? Here are some alternatives that can save you some cash. [Get Currency]

The Learning Game: Newbie Cardholders Bear The Brunt of Fees
Each year, the credit card industry changes policies, fees and campaigns as a way to try and drum up new business or milk existing customers for a bit more. However, it’s well known in the industry that new cardholders are the most profitable customers for credit card companies. As consumers gain experience, they become smarter with their cards and the profit margins decrease. To see just how profitable new cardholders are over old ones, check out this article. [Canadian Finance Blog]

How Much Financial Support to Provide for Parents
While moving back in with Mom and Dad seems more common these days, the opposite situation can occur as well with your parents coming to you for financial support. It’s reasonable that as the child, you may not be able to help as much as you’d like, but the question is, what is a reasonable balance when helping out your family? [Money Ning]

35 Things NOT to do When Ordering Delivery
It’s always interesting to see an insider’s view of a business that many take for granted, such as the food industry. Here are some etiquette tips for you to follow when you order food. [Budgets are Sexy]

Now Is The Time To Start Saving For Christmas 2011
You may not be thinking about Christmas anymore – it’s January after all, right? But now is actually the perfect time to start preparing for next Christmas to ensure you don’t acquire debt in addition to the fun family memories. Kick the Christmas debt habit by planning early. [Own The Dollar]

5 Things We Learned When Our Car Was Stolen
Theft is another undesirable situation that many of us are unfortunate enough to have experienced. But with everything else in life, having your car stolen can be a great lesson for the future. Here is what one family learned from the experience. [Wise Bread]

9 Gadgets that Will Save You Money
Gadgets! We all love ’em but what I love even more is when they help me save money or make me even more. All expenses considered, if the gadget is profitable for you, it’s a worthy purchase. Here are 9 to consider. [Quizzle Wire]

Time Management – Where Does Our Time Go?
Like it or not, time flies – even when you’re not having fun. It’s hard to figure out exactly where your time is going and there never seems to be enough in a day to get everything done. These tips can help you cut some time-taxing habits and get more done, or at least accept where your time is going, and stop stressing about it. [The Financial Blogger]