Personal Finance Round-Up: Don’t Let Perfection Get You Down

perfect smile womanThere is a fine line between being proud to the point of arrogance and being proud of your own abilities for what they are. We are all in this world to grow and become better for the sake of our families and others in the world. With that growth and knowledge we gain, we can turn around and see where our abilities can help others.

But that fine line can get blurred quite often. Power can go right to your head and you can easily turn from someone humble and willing to help others into someone willing to do anything to maintain that power. On the other side of the coin, the world of perfection that has been created by American Idol and supermodel magazines has changed us, the real people out here. Many of us now feel imperfect in comparison and it shows when we use our talents.

Stop being afraid of imperfection. What makes the world great is the imperfection, the human qualities that we all posses. Your talents are great and your uniqueness makes them even stronger. Don’t be one of those people in this 48 Days article entitled, I’m so sorry for this…, apologetic about performing something wonderful because it’s not 100% perfect. And the same thing goes for your finances too. It’s all a growing experience and any progress is something to be proud of!

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