Personal Finance Round-Up: Is Your Privacy Worth a Paycheck?

is this worth a paycheck?Have you ever been in a position where you wanted something so badly you were willing to sacrifice nearly anything for it? For example, the current job market is tough – it has been that way for years, and people are becoming increasingly desperate. But how desperate would you have to be to forfeit basic privacy for a job?

There is a new trend going through the job market – an epidemic, in my mind – of employers asking potential and current employees for their Facebook passwords to full access to their entire social network. That’s like a potential employer asking for your diary at a job interview!

This is just blatant manipulation, and even Facebook has expressed condemnation of this unacceptable behavior. Employers know they are in a position of power and are taking advantage. The next time you go into a job interview, think about what you’d be willing to sacrifice: Is getting a job worth relinquishing your privacy? Consider too that an employer willing to go to this length to screen candidates wouldn’t be above taking advantage of you in other ways, such as asking you to answer work emails when off the clock.

Now it’s your turn to take advantage…of great free information from around the web:

Bank of America Turns Foreclosure-Facing Homeowners Into Renters [LA Times]
Maybe Bank of America isn’t entirely bad after all, as they are launching a pilot program that will allow people facing foreclosure to become renters instead. While BoA would benefit from this situation too, it at least shows they understand the public’s struggle.

Some Store Brands and National Brands Are the Same [Yes, I Am Cheap]
When you walk through the aisles of the grocery store, do you pass up generic brand items just because they are generic? That may be a mistake, as one factory may produce thousands of brand varieties of the same product, meant for sale as a national or generic brand depending on the destination. The products are the same aside from the label, and are manufactured in the same facility.

The Danger of Listening to the Crowd [Enemy of Debt]
“Focus on your life, not your money!” This is a maxim to live by. Focus on living your life and staying the course, not on your daily shifts in wealth. When investing, daily shifts cause emotional reactions, like impulse buys and sell moves that will cost you and kill your portfolio.

How Many Hours Does That Cost? [Bargaineering]
Sometimes it’s easy to spend money, especially when you use a credit card. But when you think about money according to the time it took you to earn it, it’s a lot harder to spend.

7 Times NOT to Use Coupons [Five Cent Nickel]
Coupons are not a cure-all to your financial woes. Sometimes they are great, and they are certainly something you should consider when planning your budget. However, there are some cases in which they are not a good idea. Here are seven of those cases.

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Amazon has risen from being a tiny online book dealer to one of the biggest online retailers in existence. There’s a reason for that: They provide awesome value, and a membership to Amazon Prime is just one facet.

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