Personal Finance Round-Up: It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Finances

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money coins cleaningI really love spring season, don’t you? Flowers blooming, birds chirping, sun shining; it’s such a beautiful time of year! One thing I really love to do in the spring, believe it or not, is spring cleaning. Cleaning all the cobwebs out of the house and out of your life can be really refreshing. And that extends right into your finances as well.

Spring means that the dreaded tax season is finally over, and since you’ve probably already broken all your New Year’s resolutions by now, you can really start planning for the rest of the year.

In the spirit of spring cleaning, Personal Finance by the Book wrote a great article entitled Spring Cleaning Your Finances that details some of the most important financial things you should do in the springtime like checking your credit report and reviewing your financial goals. These actions are important to ensure that you can budget for summer fun right around the corner, or decide if you need to buckle down even harder to reach your debt reduction goals for the year.

Check out some of these other great spring time reads as well.

5 Ways to Torpedo Your Retirement
Retirement may seem like a ways off but it will creep up on you fast! Here are some big pitfalls to keep a close eye on and make sure to avoid. [Yahoo Finance]

Increase Your Home Value with Home Renovations
Spring is the perfect time to whip your house back into shape after a brutal winter. And if you’re looking to sell your home, it’s typically the best time to put it on the market. Here are some great tips to get started. [Stupid Cents]

7 Simple Ways to Lower Your Home Insurance
While you’re reviewing your finances, be sure to take a look at any major changes in your life that might change your homeowners insurance coverage needs. You could be paying more than you have to. [Saving Money Today]

Home Improvement Tip: Flushing Out Hot Water Heater Problems
Home ownership has it’s demons, and one of the scarier ones is the cost of utilities. But if you properly maintain your major appliances, you can be sure that costs will stay as low as possible. For instance, here is exactly how to drain a water heater to keep it running optimally. [ Blog]

How to Build an Emergency Fund
There are a lot of ways to spend a big tax return, but starting an emergency fund should be on the top of your list. You don’t need a huge chunk of change to get an emergency fund started though. Here are some steps to get it started no matter your situation. [Dough Roller]

Dental Work for Less
After the holidays, it’s not just your home that typically needs a spring cleaning – your teeth do too! When you don’t have insurance, that can be a problem. Here are ten different options to consider. [The Saved Quarter]

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, or Do Without
Home maintenance is important but sometimes it’s not completely necessary. Being frugal means spending on the things you need and putting the unnecessary costs on hold to reach a goal, even if those costs are essential to someone else. [Get Rich Slowly]

72 Questions to Find the Perfect House
It looks like a buyer’s market out there right now so if you’re looking, how exactly do you find the perfect house? Aside from fitting your needs for space, a house is as personal as your finances. Consider these 72 questions as a starting point to finding the perfect home. [Fiscal Fizzle]

The Budget Deficit and Debt: Is the Government Like a Household?
The U.S. government seems to need to do a little spring cleaning of their own, with a huge debt that is getting out of hand. How does it compare to your own household debt and how you manage it? [Consumerism Commentary]

How Your Last Name Predicts Your Shopping Habits
Can the name passed down from your ancestors really dictate what habits you create as you navigate your way through life? Studies show yes. [Learnvest]

Adding Fixed Income to Your Investment Portfolio through ETFs
If you’re looking for more advanced investment options as you get your finances in order, consider ETFs. Here’s a helpful article outlining what they are and the different types available to you and your investment portfolio. [Wealthfront Blog]

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