Personal Finance Round-Up: Stop Holding Yourself Back

stop holding yourself backDid you declare 2012 a year to succeed? Be it your weight loss goals or your business aspirations, make sure you don’t hold yourself back along the way. There are already plenty of obstacles to overcome, and when you hold yourself back you are bound to struggle.

An article by Enemy of Debt details some of these self-imposed barricades in 3 Ways You Are Holding Yourself Back and Tips for Changing Them. These mental barriers will make things far more difficult than financial or physical barriers, and as soon as you put them behind you, you open the door for new levels of success.

Check out these posts for more motivation and tips to aid your financial success:

Sites That Help You Lose Weight for Free [The Sun’s Financial Diary]
One of the most common goals in the new year is to lose weight. Weight loss is not cheap, but there are opportunities that can help you cut down on some of the costs.

Make Extra Cash by Selling Your Stuff on eBay [Christian PF]
One of the quickest ways to boost your income is to sell things you already have and no longer need or use. Not only can this earn you extra cash, it can improve your quality of life by decreasing clutter.

Save Money at the Grocery Store [Cash the Checks]
Food costs often make up the majority of a family’s spending. That’s why articles about cutting down on grocery spending are so valuable, such as this one.

10 Habits You Can Change to Save Money in the New Year [Bargaineering]
Before you can improve yourself, you must stop the habits that hurt your financial growth. Here are 10 habits you can change to help you put away more savings.

Budgeting 101: Creating Your First Budget [2 Minute Finance]
The most important part of getting your finances in order is to start budgeting. Here’s how you can take this important step right now.

3 Thrifty Ways to Get Organized for the New Year [Financial Highway]
It’s tough to keep your mind in order when your physical world is in disarray. Organization in your finances is especially important with tax time approaching. Take action now and get organized.

Get in Shape! Find the Best Workouts for You and Your Budget [LearnVest]
Curious about the most affordable, effective ways to lose weight? Here’s a definitive chart for activities, including costs and the amount of time required.

7 Ways to Make the Most of Gift Cards [Bankrate]
How do you keep track of and use all the gift cards that you receive during the holidays? Not spending them is like throwing money away, so check out these tips and make use of these valuable gifts.

Warning: Unemployment May Be Good for You [Fiscal Fizzle]
Unemployment rates have improved but are still disturbing. However, unemployment might not be the worst thing in the world. In fact, the added pressure and fear could drive you toward success you never expected.

Considering Your Cost of Living Expenses When Buying a New Home [I’ve Paid For This Twice Already…]
It may be a buyers’ market, but there is much more to buying a house than the cost of the home itself. The cost of living encompasses many factors, including the price of schooling in the area, food, gas, and available public transportation. Be sure to consider these important factors before you sign on the dotted line.

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