Personal Finance Round-Up: Thinking Beyond Christmas

It’s less than one week from Christmas and the anticipation is mounting; we are getting all the last-minute preparations in order, planning out the meal, and continually fending off the kids’ final efforts to figure out what will be waiting for them under the tree on Christmas day. But when all is said and done, gifts are opened, and food is eaten, life goes on after Christmas.

Life after Christmas is a blur especially as New Years hoopla takes over only a week later and we start making our New Years Resolutions.

During that time, there is one very important tradition that should not be forgotten: Conducting a Year-End Financial Review. Five Cent Nickel tells us just how to get things done in this article in order to get on the right track heading into next year.

And for some additional help:

Ask the expert: Financial gifts for children
Getting the perfect gift for a child is a difficult task especially when considering the value of a gift beyond Christmas morning. If you’re thinking about giving the gift of financial experience and knowledge, check this out for a couple great ideas. [Money Rates]

15 Toys With Timeless Value
There are plenty of gifts that will go on being appreciated long after the wrapping is recycled and the smell of Christmas dinner has faded. Check out these timeless classics. [Kiplinger]

Would you rather be Rich or Famous?
Some kids are given the gift of a silver spoon when they are born and the “what ifs” for either side are always an interesting thought to examine. So which would you rather be? [Green Panda Treehouse]

Why Do You Tip at the Holidays?
Tipping etiquette varies widely between cultures, upbringings, and times of year, but why? This piece examines a few situations surrounding this topic and the holidays. [No Debt Plan]

How to Tackle Your Debts in 2011
Looking back at the prior year is important, but so is looking and planning ahead for the future. When debt is still a part of your life year after year, this can help you start the new year on the right foot. [My Journey To Millions]

How to Stay Warm This Winter Without Turning Up the Heat
It’s cold outside! But turning on the heat can really increase Winter costs. Can it be avoided though? Maybe. Check out these ideas to lower the bill and turn up the heat. [WiseBread]

6 More Ways to Cut Holiday Spending
With the abundance of costs during Christmas, there is always room for more ideas to cut them. Believe it or not, this piece has a couple of unique ideas that may help this year. [My Dollar Plan]

Seven things to do when facing a pay freeze
The weather isn’t the only thing that may freeze this year; jobs are still on the decline and companies are doing what they can to keep people at their jobs while cutting costs. If you face a pay freeze in the near future, there are a couple things you should do to prepare yourself. [Mighty Bargain Hunter]

What to Tell Your Kids About Money Before They Leave for College
It happens to every parent, so when the time comes for your kid to leave for college, here are a few things you should teach them. [Frugal Dad]

What Do 8-Year-Olds Want to Buy?
Advertising gets more aggressive each year and new research shows companies will soon be focusing on children as young as 8 years old. But what do kids this young want to buy? [Money Talks News]

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