Personal Finance Round-Up: Now Is the Time for Change, But How?

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Every once in a while, everyone wants to make a major life improvement. That longing for change can be created by many things: bad health, bad relationships, bad jobs, or bad money habits. I use the term “bad” loosely, because even mildly bothersome aspects of life can drive people to seek big changes, especially in finance.

I believe that what we think has a lot to do with what becomes reality. When I’ve tried to lose weight, just making an effort to think about losing weight caused me to be more conscious of what I was eating and how much I was working out. The same goes for money. When I’m thinking about being better with money, I find myself being better with money. The power of thought itself in creating change is invaluable.

And it looks as though I’m not the only one that feels that way. In 4 Money Thoughts That Can Change Your Life, Larry writes some pretty thought provoking and bluntly simple principles people often overlook.

A few more thought provoking pieces to check out this week:

Should You Reverse Your Roth IRA Conversion?
With so many retirement vehicles available, it’s easy to get confused and regret old decisions. One tough topic might be the conversion between different types of IRA accounts, but don’t worry, you can reverse some changes. Check out how and why here. [My Dollar Plan]

How to Save Thousands of Dollars: The Power of Automated Savings
While compound interest may be the eighth wonder of the world, automation is almost as powerful in my book. Automating things takes human emotion and human error out of the equation and lets the computer do your work, creating wealth on your behalf. All you have to do is get it started. [Studenomics]

How Long Can You Be Sued for a Bad Debt?
Did you know you could be sued for bad debt? The methods and limitations vary from state to state but you can be sued for bad debt. Check this out to avoid trouble. [Mint Life Blog]

How to Find a Good Financial Adviser
These tips are gold for those of us who are making a bit more money than we can effectively manage ourselves. When you start getting into investment vehicles and retirement planning, financial advisers can really come in handy – the good ones, that is. [Young and Thrifty]

Passion vs. Money
Most of us are torn between money and passion. That’s why you always hear people speak of their dream job – being paid to work in a field they’re passionate about – and then call what they do now “just a job.” I’d like to think that more people than we hear about find that dream job and get to live their passion, but that number is probably statistically low. What do you think? [Blonde and Balanced]

5 Mistakes We Make When Handling Our Money
We all make mistakes, especially with money, but it’s how we learn from those mistakes that either makes us savvy and better prepares us for the future – or breaks us. Check out these mistakes I’m sure we’ve all made. Are you still making them? [Saving Money Today]

You Can Save Money with Facebook Deals
A new face in the daily deals game? Facebook steps up to offer some geo-targeted deals that just may help you save some cash. [Green Panda Treehouse]

6 Tips to Save Time and Money at the Doctor’s Office
The doctor’s office is one of the last full-service institutions still around, and they’re costing us a fortune! There are a few things you can do to reduce error, improve efficiency, and generally save money on doctor’s appointments. Check them out. [Money Talks News]

Frugal Ways to Be Sexy on Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day used to be a day when I’d go all out, but that was before I really tracked my spending. Then I started skimping on the gifts, and I don’t have to tell you how that went over. Here are some great ways to surprise your better half without going overboard on spending. [Money Blue Book]

Using Your Credit Card to Plan an Extraordinary Day for Love
Even if you choose to go on a Valentine’s Day spending spree, there are creative ways to get what you need without breaking the bank, even when what you’re planning could cost a small fortune. Check out this creative story for more. [Card Ratings]

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