Personal Finance Round-Up: Time for an iPad Upgrade Already?

ipad 2 colorsJust this past week, Apple announced the second incarnation of their magical product, the iPad. What’s amazing about the iPad is that it was not the first tablet PC. Those have been around for a few years. So Apple essentially took a device concept that few people or businesses could find a legitimate use for, and they made it the envy of everyone. That’s good business.

With the second generation just around the corner, how many people that bought the first one will be waiting in line for the second? I’m sure quite a few, but the demand for the original is still pretty fresh – it’s only a year old, after all. So if you plan to be in line, don’t let your old iPad gather dust. Instead, check out these tips by the Mint Life blog on selling your old iPad, Upgrading to iPad 2? Three Tips For Selling Your Old iPad. The tips aren’t just iPad specific. We’re a society that likes to upgrade, and sadly, most of our obseletes clutter up our homes. Remember to liquidate what you don’t need after every upgrade!

And now, upgrade your own knowledge by checking out some other great articles from this week:

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  • Martin Dasko

    Thanks for the Studenomics link. I personally have never even thought once about purchasing this iPad, the first one, or any tablet device for that manner. I don’t see the point of it. Maybe I’m odd.

  • Ray @ Financial Highway

    Thanks for the link love!