Personal Finance Round-Up: Time to Turn Off the TV

watch tv man beerAs we get older, one thing that seems to be ever fleeting is time. We are constantly trying to find new ways to make up time, create better ways to make use of the time we have, and get rid of things taking up our time that we just don’t want to do. In the end though, we only have 24 hours in a day and it never seems to be enough.

That being said, did you know the average amount of time spent in front of the television set is a whopping 34 hours per week? That’s close to what most people work! That’s a ton of time being frivolously wasted away. I’m not here to judge; I know I’m guilty of watching TV as well, but who knew it could be this much? An article by 48 days entitled Watch and Grow Stupid really makes you think about what watching TV is adding to your life or taking away. How much TV do you watch on a daily basis?

Any time spent on these articles won’t be wasted, so dig in:

Don’t Ask, Don’t Get
It’s beyond difficult for many people to simply ask for things they want. There are businesses built around the average person’s inability to ask, but honestly if you don’t ask, you can’t expect to get what you want. [Sterling Effort]

15 Tips to Stop Facebook & Email Hackers Ruining Your Life
The Internet may seem like all fun and games. We get on to socialize, play, and learn. But having your online accounts hacked can cause great pain in every aspect of your life. Here are some tips to defend yourself. [Blog Tyrant]

6 Ways Kids Can Earn Extra Money
Kids have so many opportunities that they will never see or take. They are young, have no responsibilities, and have a good time. But even good times cost money! [Five Cent Nickel]

3 Strategies for Surviving a Financial Crisis
Have you ever had a financial crisis? It’s certainly not easy and keeping your wits about you is key. Make a plan for the just-in-case today with these tips. [Cash Money Life]

How to Survive an Unpaid Internship
Getting an unpaid internship at a prestigious company can be a huge benefit to your future career, but how do you survive without an income? [Totally Money]

Encouraging Philanthropy in Kids
Kids who learn about money at a young age are in a great position to help others, and if they don’t learn as a kid they may never really understand it’s importance. [Bargaineering]

Grab It and Run!
Have you ever imagined what you would grab if your house was burning down? Your tax documents? Your pets? Here’s a tip for those pesky documents. As for the pets, I sure hope you’d bring them along! [Funny About Money]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Financial Do’s and Don’ts
Johnny Depp can play just about any part, but today he and the rest of the pirate crew will be teaching you about money. Arr! [Credit Karma]

Budget Breakdown? Scrap Your Budget and Start Fresh
If you’re baking a cake and realize that you put in the wrong ingredients, do you pop it in the oven anyway and hope for the best? I would hope not! You start over, and sometimes you have to do that with an ailing budget as well. [Perkstreet Financial]

5 Quietly Powerful Strategies To “Press Play” on Your Dream Life
Is your dream life on hold? Here are some ways to get yourself moving toward the life you always wanted to live, no matter what it is. [Dumb Little Man]