Personal Finance Round-Up: Used Auto Industry “Flooded” With Problems

flooded carsWho knew that the devastating Superstorm Sandy that battered the East Coast would have an impact on the auto industry? In a recent report, First Coast News explains that the storm destroyed an estimated 250,000 vehicles, and coupled with the fact that many people are keeping their old cars for longer periods of time, consumers are finding it difficult to purchase quality used vehicles.

Cars are inherently unsafe and unreliable after being flooded. Even though the car may at first seem functional, many problems can arise: rot, corrosion, problems with electrical systems, cooling systems, brakes, and mold or mildew entering the vehicle via the ventilation system.

Whether or not a car has water damage, it’s vital to check a used vehicle’s history before making a purchase. Insurers and salvage yards legally have to report information about the car, and it may also be worthwhile to have a qualified mechanic thoroughly inspect the car.

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