Personal Finance Round-Up: Valentine’s Day Giving and Saving

heartReady for Valentine’s Day? Every year on February 14th, loved ones exchange gifts and cards, which became a tradition starting around 1900 due to the advent of printing technology. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend a total of $1.5 billion on cards alone, and the average person will spend $130.97 on candy, cards, gifts, and more.

You might be wondering, how can each American spend so much on a single person? In fact, most shoppers purchase gifts not just for spouses and significant others, but also for family members, friends, coworkers, and even pets – though couples still spend the most on one another, averaging $73.75.

If you are finding it difficult to afford such costly gifts this year, stick with tradition. Cards are always an affordable option, and a simple, romantic home-cooked meal is a great way to show you care without emptying your wallet. You can also find Valentine’s Day deals and discounts at various retailers on RetailMeNot.

Here are some interesting posts that may help you hold onto your cash a little tighter:

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U.S. Postal Service Ending Saturday Delivery [Consumerism Commentary]
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