Personal Finance Round-Up: The Value of Your Free Time

The verdict is in. I have found myself guilty of not taking the value of my time seriously enough. When I was younger, I played video games and sat around not doing much. I called that using my “free time.” Really, there’s no such thing as free time. Time is the most valuable commodity because you can’t get it back, and you can’t make more. When it’s gone, it’s gone. It’s why learning effective time management skills and techniques is so important.

Now that you and I have reached adulthood, the value of our time has changed. Between work, family, and obligations, any time we would have called “free” is gone. But I bet there are still some ways you and I are wasting time.

Over at Brip Blap in a post titled Take Your Time Seriously, Steve discusses an eye-opening conversation he had with his personal trainer. The problem, they discussed, is that wasting time is so much easier than being productive! Thankfully, Steve also discusses some wise ideas about productivity, and how to overcome roadblocks.

Reading these articles is a smart, valuable way to spend your time too:

10 Ways to Wisely Spend Your 2% 2011 Payroll Tax Cut
You’re getting a little break from the government this year, with a 2% cut in your social security tax commitment. You’ll enjoy seeing your net pay rise, but unless you have a plan for that money, it will probably just disappear into your checking account and go out toward bills. These tips will help you effectively use that 2% this year. [Mint Life Blog]

5 Money Lessons from Hosni Mubarak
This post is an interesting take on the uprising and events in Egypt. Check out these lessons learned from the ex-president. [Money Talks News]

How to Handle Missing Tax Forms
Nobody is perfect, and that includes employers and the Postal Service. Sometimes, when bad luck and bad timing mix, your mail may get lost and you’ll be without the important financial documents you need for filing your taxes. Here’s what to do if that happens to you. [Five Cent Nickel]

Power to the Pinched! The Personal Finance Anarchist Cookbook
Sometimes the best lessons you learn come from the negative experiences in life. Now you can get all of the benefits without experiencing problems firsthand. Avoid these troubles and you’ll be alright. [Len Penzo Dot Com]

How to Be a Good Boss
While I’ve never been a boss on paper, one way or another we’re all in charge at some point. Are you a good leader? These ideas can also help you identify whether you work in a healthy professional environment or not. Maybe your office isn’t as bad as you think. [Consumerism Commentary]

How to Build a Budget with a Variable Income
If you’re your own boss, managing your income and budget can be a full-time job on its own. With these tips you’ll reduce the time you spend tracking finances, and you’ll successfully keep you on top of your variable income. [Dough Roller]

My Friends Make Me Spend Money
Would you be able to break off a friendship if it was costing you money? Would you want to? I’ve had plenty of relationships in my life that were costly, and sometimes I’ve had to ditch my friends to save my own budget. [DINKS Finance]

Mythbusting 4 Credit Score Beliefs
Credit scores are ambiguous at best. With all the speculation going on, it’s hard to figure out what’s true and what’s made up. Now you can at least bust up a few big myths. [Bargaineering]

Failure: The Pathway to Success
Life is hard, right? But without understanding hardship, how can you ever know peace and success? You can’t. But if you read this article, you’ll get a good look at life’s failures and how to overcome them and achieve success. [Personal Finance by the Book]

9 Ways to Successfully Talk Your Way out of a Traffic Ticket
Getting pulled over sucks. It’s scary, and it’s painful once you consider the costs of getting a traffic ticket—the fine and the added insurance hikes. Here are some interesting tips that just might get you off with a warning. Even armed with these, please remember to drive safely! []

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  • Flexo

    Thanks for the mention!

  • Steven

    Very nice round up. I know I value my free time very highly, and I am also self-employed so you like to over analyze everything especially how much time you spend on each individual task.

  • Sabah

    “There’s no such thing as free time.” So true! Learning how to manage your time effectively can really help you reach your goals. Being mindful of where you spend your time can also prompt you to stay on task. Great roundup.