Personal Finance Roundup: Where to Find Coupon Codes to Save On Online Shopping

online coupon codesRegular readers will know the advantages of using coupons to make your money go further at the grocery store (and other places), but you can take your money saving tricks a step further by seeking out coupon codes to use when you’re shopping online. Sometimes, you’ll find codes that will give you free delivery on your order, while others may offer a percentage of your order (say 10%) as a discount. Not sure where to look for these magic coupon codes? Check out this great post from the Digerati Life, which offers advice on how to get hold of these codes.

Here are some other fantastic posts from the personal finance blogging community that caught the eye this week:

Secrets of Top eBay Sellers.  Selling on eBay can be a great form of extra income but it helps if you know some tricks of the trade. This post features advice from several people who do very well for themselves on eBay. Read and learn! [Wisebread]

7 HUGE Benefits to Downsizing Into a Tiny Home.  Moving into a tiny home can save a lot of money, but that’s not the only advantage. This post takes a look at some of the most attractive reasons to consider a tiny home when you plan your next house move. [20 Something Finance]

High Interest Alternatives to Savings Accounts. With savings accounts paying so little in the way of interest these days, it’s little wonder that people are casting around for alternatives that give a better return. This post discusses some of the options that you might want to think about if you’re willing to invest your cash.  [Bargaineering]

The Best Credit Cards for College Students. Off to college but not sure which credit card would suit you best?Check out this post for the lowdown. [Consumerism Commentary]

Sell Old Magazines: Strange Ways to Make Money. Instead of getting rid of a magazine once you’ve finished reading it, have you ever thought about making some money from it? It might sound like a no-go area but as this post explains, there are various places to which you can sell unwanted magazines and make some extra cash. [Personal Finance Advice]

Turn Off All Your Senses When Grocery Shopping – Except Your Common Sense. Check out this pretty neat post on how grocery stores take advantage of your senses. You need to go in to grocery stores with a strategy and avoid your temptations. [Everyday Tips and Thoughts]

Tax Savings for Twenty-Somethings. If you’re still in your 20s, you might be missing out on vital tax deductions that would otherwise save you money. Take a look at this post to see what you can take advantage of.   [Grad Money Matters].

The Corporation. Ever wonder about the point of incorporating? Check out some of the key advantages and disadvantages in this education posts about the corporation. [Evolution of Wealth]

A Few Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance When You Have a Teen Driver. Getting insurance for a teenage driver is notoriously expensive but you can cut the costs by following the tips in this post. [All Finance Matters]

When Rich People Call You Cheap. Check out this pretty interesting post about the use of the word “cheap” by rich people. I’m sure any of us financially responsible/frugal people have been called cheap at one point or another. Don’t let it bother you! It’s just a subjective word. [Financial Samurai]

The Real Estate Debate. Everyone always seems to be so positive about investing in real estate (well at least before this past year or so). But while there are definitely advantages to it, there are also some key disadvantages as well. Be aware of all of these before you take the big leap. [Financially Digital]

10 Inexpensive Activities to Entertain Kids on Summer Vacation. Finding things to keep the kids busy during their summer break can be difficult at the best of times, but even more so when money is tight. Here are some ideas that won’t break the bank. [Cool to be Frugal]

3 Money Sucking Financial Innovations. Imagine the scenario: you’re in a financial bind but you don’t have many options available to help you out. Before you make any rash decisions, this post discusses three moves that you really don’t want to make and here at Money Crashers, we’re frequently vocal about why we don’t like them either. [Money Smart Life]

Summer Vegetable Pasta. Here’s a little break from the finances for a bit: a nice, healthy summer past recipe. Enjoy! [Family Balance Sheet]

3 Ways To Get Over Your Financial Demons. Here are some great strategies to get over some of your poor financial habits. Utilize these simple strategies and you’ll be on your way. [Financially Poor]

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  • Kevin

    Great Roundup. Thanks for the mention

    • Sally Aquire

      No problem! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Financial Samurai

    Thanks for the round up!

    • Sally Aquire

      Hope you found it useful!

  • Ben @ Money Smart Life

    Hey Sally, sometimes you can use a coupon even if you don’t physically have it. For example, I called in to make a reservation the other day and the phone rep asked if I had a Valpak coupon. I told him I did get Valpak in the mail but I hadn’t pulled out his coupon, he went ahead and gave me credit for it anyhow.

    Also, thanks for including our post on the money sucking financial innovations!

    • Sally Aquire

      I had no idea you could do that! Good to know:)

  • The Digerati Life

    Hi Sally,
    Many thanks for featuring my tips on coupon use here. I’ve noticed more and more people really beginning to use coupons given the challenging financial times we have right now. I’m turning into a more astute coupon user these days!

    • Sally Aquire

      No problem!

      Coupons definitely seem to be getting much more socially acceptable and no retailers seem to bat any eyelid now when I use paper ones (they sometimes looked faintly amused pre-recession!).

  • Nunzio Bruno

    Great round up! Thanks for thinking that I was cool enough to be a part of it :) I def retweeted!!

  • Ginette

    As you shop consider saving! I thought I’d share a site I stumbled across the other day that gives me money when I shop or sell through Ebay and also when I shop major retailers online. It’s called Big Crumbs. It’s free (of course). Don’t we all love a good deal? Check it out: Happy shopping and saving!