• http://alotofwind.com robin

    Wow. Talk about thorough!

    I’ve been to Prague a couple of times but still don’t feel I know it well so I enjoyed this. And since the city isn’t anything like as cheap as it once was every tip helps.

  • Emily

    Hi, thank you for very nice words about my town Prague .) I live here, and it was really good.) But I have a little note for you.) It’s just because I know it.) The second point isn’t “Dikova Sarka” but “Divoka Sarka” .) anyway, thank you for article about Prague .)

  • http://www.lisaoverman.com Lisa

    Thanks Emily for letting me know.

  • http://www.manonthelam.com Raymond

    I have been dying to go to Prague for years — I am bookmarking this page for when I finally get the chance. Thanks for such a throughly enjoyable post!

  • http://migrationology.com/ Migrationology

    Wow, thanks for all this valuable information. I’ve never been to Czech Republic, but I’m planning on being there sometime. Great advice!

  • http://www.lisaoverman.com Lisa

    Thanks Raymond for your comment, I hope you will get to Prague and have an amazing time!

  • http://www.lisaoverman.com Lisa

    Migrationology, Thanks for your thoughts on the article. I appreciate it!

  • Giulia Bluesherry

    Very good article, I think I’ll folllow your tips, now I want to go to Prague!

  • Kelly Rogers

    I like this article. It’s so full of facts and tips. And when I looked at the pic of St. Charles Bridge, I was amazed. I thought it’s just a short bridge. But the pic showed that the bridge is quite long.

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