Question Of The Day #4

What is your best bargain buy story?

Tell us a story when you got a tremendous deal on something such as a house, car, television, furniture, or whatever it may be, and tell us how you got such a great deal.

I think the best deal I’ve received in the last couple of years was our first bed as a married couple. We needed to go out and buy at least a queen bed. I had always been sleeping on hand-me-down beds as a child and in college, so I wanted pillow-top and name brand. We went to an independent dealer for Sealy mattresses. We fell in love with this plush, pillow-top queen bed with memory foam in the pad. It was listed at about $1,199.99. We couldn’t spend that much, but we thought that we would ask the salesman what he could do about the price. He said that they will match any competitor’s prices on Sealy mattresses. So, we left the store, went over to Rooms-To-Go and found a similar mattress with almost the same specifications. We took a copy of the information on it with the price, and took it back to the store. They called Rooms-To-Go to verify the prices, which was $699.99, and he said that he would give us the bed for that price plus take an extra 10% off their price to beat it. We got the mattress and box spring for $630! As a new married couple, we were pretty excited about it, even though they still probably sold the bed for a retail price.

Do you have a story to tell? Post a comment below.

  • Chief Family Officer

    This is actually a friend’s story – she hates shopping but needed some new clothes so she went to Macy’s and poked around the sales rack. Found some really nice quality pants – black, lined, appropriate for work and dressing up. She went to pay, and they rang up for one cent.

  • Matthew

    I was moving in to my first apartment and I went into a local furniture store. I needed a dining room table, so I thought I’d take a look at what they had. Lots of expensive stuff, but some ok quality in the $300-$400 range. However, it was a bit over my price range at the time.

    Then, in the back of the store, I saw a beautiful dark wood (not pressboard) antique-style table that normally sold for $399 or so. Only the floor model was left; it was deeply discounted to $20. There was not a scratch on the thing and it was in perfect condition. I asked why the table was so deeply discounted. It was “last year’s model”. How can you have last year’s model on an antique style table?

    So I bought that table way back in August of 2000 and have used it practically every day since, even after I got married and had kids. It’s actually in great condition and has held up quite well.

    Let’s see, a $20 table lasting over seven years of daily use; not a bad discount for a $400 table…

  • Janet

    When I bought my car back in 2004, I did a ton of research online first. I found the exact model and package I wanted through a local dealership’s website. It was used, but only had 2500 miles on it! I asked why the car was used with so few miles. The dealer told me that someone moved to my state just after purchasing the car (a convertible) in California. Then when they arrived here they decided they wanted a 4WD because it snows here sometimes. They traded the car in with under 2000 miles on it, but there is some law that a dealership cannot sell a used car of another manufacturer with under 2500 miles on it, so the dealership owner’s wife drove it around for a couple weeks until it had enough miles on it. I essentially bought a $26000 car for $18000 because someone else made a bad decision. I also researched financing online first and I had a 3.5% rate (I have excellent credit). The dealer wanted to offer me financing, but they couldn’t even come close.