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readyforzero logoFar too many people are under the mistaken notion that credit card debt is a simple fact of life. I was under this impression for many years until I finally decided to do something about the debt that was negatively affecting my life. It was a wise decision, as the financial doors that open to you once you commit to paying off all credit card debt are wide and plentiful.

To help you achieve this goal, there is a website called ReadyForZero, a gimmick-free, online financial program that helps you manage, reduce, and eliminate debt.

How It Works

ReadyForZero helps you take control of your debt. First, you securely link your debt accounts, namely student loans, credit cards, and mortgages. This is accomplished by finding your institution from a drop-down list and then entering your log-in information. You must also link your checking and savings accounts to have your financial information on hand.

You do not enter any income or expense information, so you’ll need to make a budget for yourself in order to understand how much you can devote to paying down debt on a monthly basis. Since your debt accounts are linked to ReadyForZero, your debt totals will automatically update on your profile.

Using ReadyForZero, you can craft a personalized plan for how to get out of debt. You can choose payment options that are as aggressive as you think you can handle. Once I entered my financial information, interest rates and balances for all my accounts were displayed. Additionally, adjustable graphs were provided for each individual debt account which showed how much I would pay in interest depending upon how quickly I paid down my debt.

If ReadyForZero recognizes an opportunity to help secure lower interest loans to pay off high interest credit cards, you will receive suggestions via their partnership with Lending Club. ReadyForZero also prioritizes your debt and suggests larger payments to be applied to cards with higher interest rates.

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Key Features

  • Bank Level Security. Your information is safe and secure with ReadyForZero, as it uses bank level security and encryption software. The site is McAfee secured and TRUSTe certified as well.
  • Payment Alerts. You’ll receive email alerts regarding upcoming payment due dates, along with weekly emails and action plans to help you stay on track.
  • Privacy. Your personal  information is not shared with Lending Club, which only provides you with options based on your particular situation. And your personal information is never sold to outside companies.
  • Long-term Planning. ReadyForZero tells you how much you’ll pay in interest if you pay nothing but the minimum or any other percentage of the total amount owed. You will be provided with an outline for how long it will take to pay off your debt entirely depending on your payment choices.


  1. Free to Use. ReadyForZero is not a debt settlement company and the site is 100% free to use. Rather than charging you for the service, they simply offer relevant practical tools to help you eliminate your debt, and make money through their partnerships with other financial companies they recommend.
  2. Plans Can Be Revised. If you experienced a job loss, spent a bundle on the holidays, or otherwise have less cash on-hand, you can easily adjust your projected payment amounts and revise your overall debt payoff plan.
  3. Offers Real Results. According to the website, ReadyForZero users typically get out of debt twice as fast once signed up for their services.
  4. Actionable. The site offers neat functions, such as lessons on being organized, which is a key to financial success. They also have a section entitled “Fixing Your Environment,” which gives real world examples of how to reduce spending triggers in your life.
  5. User-Friendly. Once your information is entered, it is collated and provided to you in easy-to-view graphs and charts so that you can track your progress. They also show you how long it will take to pay off a credit card balance and how much interest you would pay based on your monthly payments.
  6. Accounts Automatically Update. There is no need to update your information from your linked accounts, as ReadyForZero tracks your balances for you.
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  1. Account Linking Issues. During the course of linking my relevant accounts, I noticed that it takes an inordinate amount of time to complete. Plan on setting aside the better part of an hour to fully input all your financial information.
  2. Online Access Needed. In order to input all your accounts, you’ll need to have online access to each and every one of them. If you don’t currently have this, it can be a time-consuming process to establish online access and then enter your information into ReadyForZero.
  3. Objectivity. The website profits if you take advantage of one of their loan offers. They have a partnership with Lending Club, so pure objectivity could potentially be an issue.

Final Word

For those of you who feel lost in the world of credit and debt management, ReadyForZero can certainly provide assistance. While figuring out ways to pay down your credit card debt is wonderful, you should also analyze your current spending habits to make sure that your debt woes go away for good. Commit to spending less than you make by creating a monthly budget, and learn to save money in every way that you can. Remember, until you are fully out of debt, every penny counts.

Have you signed up for an account with ReadyForZero? What has your experience been like in using the tool to pay off your debt?


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    Do you know of any Canadian alternatives for this? Ready for Zero is currently only offered in the U.S.