Responses To My Question “Why Are You Still Paying For A Land Line?”

I recently asked the question, “Why are you still paying for a land line?” I’ve had several great responses justifying why you still use a land line. Here they are:

It is required for DSL. By having the bare minimum phone service, I have DSL + phone for less than then cost of a cable modem service. Once I can get naked DSL, it will be gone.

This a good point. Although, I think that Bellsouth no longer requires you to have a land line to have DSL, but they’ll never advertise it, because they don’t want you canceling the land line. Whoever your provider is, you should call them up and see if you still need the land line to keep DSL.

I switched to a cell phone for all of my business. A few of my customers complained about the quality of the call. My cell phone provider would drop calls. I was in jeopardy of losing business. I don’t like it, but $50 a month is not much compared to my livelihood.

I can understand this, but maybe you could check out another provider. I know that Spring is notorious for dropping calls. I’ve had T-Mobile for 5 years, and I’ve never had a problem with them, unless I am traveling, and I go through a “dead zone”.

My main reason:
I LOVE my freedom and I dont like how this thing (the cell) follows you every where you go. Unless you need a cell phone, ie your bussiness or personal affairs, I see cell phones as a hassle in most cases. Don’t you people hate how this thing is attached to you at all times?

Ahh, this is a great point. It’s a double-edged sword for me. I wouldn’t be able to stand not having access to calling my wife or someone else at will. But, there are definitely times when I wish people would just leave me alone! I think it’s all a matter of your personality. Some people are more introverted and hate thinking about the fact that anyone can get a hold of them at anytime. Other people are more outgoing, and they love feeling connected with the rest of the world. But, I definitely get your point on this one.

I think it’s an interesting debate, but I think the trend will definitely continue to go towards dropping the land line and using cell phones and internet based phones as the telecommunication channel of choice.