DIRECTV vs. Dish Network

DIRECTV vs. Dish Network Review


DIRECTV vs. Dish Network

Have you been considering making the switch to satellite TV? The two major satellite companies are begging for your business. They are trashing each other’s reputations to win you as a customer. If you watch a DIRECTV commercial, then you will come away believing that Dish Network is a terrible value. Tune into a Dish Network commercial and you will believe that DIRECTV has horrible service. Who is really telling the truth? Which is the better value? Let’s size up both competitors and see who comes out standing:

DIRECTV vs. Dish Network


DIRECTV has been around for 16 years and is a subsidiary of Liberty Media. The company is the biggest satellite service provider in the United States. DIRECTV’s main selling point is in claiming that it is the best value in the satellite industry. Let’s see if this is true:

DIRECTV offers the following packages to new customers:

  • The basic CHOICE package is $29.99 for 150 channels.
  • The CHOICE XTRA package is $34.99 for 210 channels.
  • The CHOICE ULTIMATE package is $39.99 for 225 channels.
  • The PREMIER package is $59.99 for 285 channels.

My favorite package is the Choice Ultimate package because you get all of the core viewing channels, local channels, and on demand movies for a reasonable price. DVR and HD services are $10 extra a month. You have to pay $20 a month for HD and DVR service with the Choice and Choice Xtra packages. The Premier package looks cheap but really isn’t. You have to sign up for the NFL Sunday Ticket to get the discounted pricing. The NFL Sunday ticket will cost you $59.99 a month for 5 months. That’s an extra $300 on your bill!

Remember these prices are only good for 12 months. You have to sign a 2 year contract to get the low 12 month pricing. You can be sure that prices will rise in the second year. Watch out for cancellation fees. DIRECTV has been known to charge customers cancellation fees up to $360.

Dish Network

Dish Network was started by EchoStar and has been around since 1996. The company is the main competitor to DIRECTV.

Dish Network packages are as follows:

  • The America’s Top 120 plan costs $24.99 for 120 channels.
  • The America’s Top 200 plan costs $39.99 for 200 channels.
  • The America’s Top 250 plan is $49.99 for 250 channels.
  • America’s Everything Pak is $84.99 for 295 channels including movie channels.

The America’s Everything Pak is a great all-in-one pack for movie watchers. This package comes with 250 channels plus 31 premium movie channels including HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. This can save you a lot of money compared to DIRECTV. The movie packages at DIRECTV can really add up. HBO is $14.99. Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and other premium channels are $12.99 a piece. Another major selling point for Dish Network is that the company offers Free HD service for life on all of its packages.

The bad news is that Dish Network has 24 month contracts as well. Prices will likely rise in year two. Also, local channels can run you between $5.00 and $5.99 a month on Dish Network. Dish Network’s cancellation fees are just as high as DIRECTV’s. Lastly, Dish Network is lacking some channels that DIRECTV has such as the Disney Channel HD, ESPNews HD, Disney XD HD, and ABC Family HD.

The Winner

I may be a little biased because I have DIRECTV service myself but I am a fan of DIRECTV. They have more channels, sports packages, and overall content than Dish Network. You will, however, pay more for these options. The low cost of Dish Network makes it a very attractive option. You cannot get all of the movies channels that Dish Network offers on DIRECTV for such a low price. If you want the most channels for your money, then DIRECTV is for you. If you are looking to save money and still get a nice offering of channels, then Dish Network is the choice for you. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

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  • Jacquie

    I would have to agree with you. I too have DirecTV. I’ve had Dish Network and the thing that chapped my hide the most was that they charged for local channels. I believe in the long run that DirecTV is cheaper because they offer the most channels and more of them in HD. One extra advantage to subscribing to DirecTV is the $100 referral bonus. So far, I’ve gotten 7 months free because of that little extra.

    • Mark Riddix

      I don’t like the local channel charges either. Those should be free by now.

      • Redfoxx36

        I have had Dish for 8 years since i got rid of cable. The only thing i can say happened is Dish called me and said they were seeing a weeker signal than they like and asked if it was ok to send out a tech to check it out. I agreed and they retuned it in and actually put up a newer dish for no cost. Guess its hard to complain.

  • Laura Pagles

    Another great post, Mark. I’m riding out a reduced, “we’re going to cancel” rate from Charter right now but will be back to your advice soon. Every time we consider Satellite, we come back to the lack of options for HS Internet in our area…and back to cable. Gah, TV.

    • Mark Riddix

      Thanks Laura. Unfortunately a small coverage area is a limitation of many providers.

  • Sam Smith

    This is a good comparison! In our Top Picks for 2010 we were provided a side-by-side comparison from which also touched on the differences in international programming etc.

    -Sam @ Entertainment on a Budget

    • Mark Riddix

      Thanks Sam.

  • jcricket4

    I made exactly the same assessment as you, and agree. The DirecTV reception and choice of channels is far better, for the money, than Comcast cable. I was very happy to switch (and Comcast’s predatory billing practices are some of the worst in the business).

    The problem is that DirecTV’s billing practices turn out to be very similar to Comcast’s. They offered a Free-HD-for-Life promotion, for which I signed up. I signed up for Auto bill Pay and filled in all the required rebate forms.

    But they wouldn’t honor the promotion. They cited clauses in some contract somewhere that wasn’t included in my contract. I faxed them a copy of the contract, but they merely said “so sue us.” The attorney would have cost more than the $120/year they are stealing from me, so I settled for filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

    I wouldn’t know if Dish TV is any more honest, but certainly it is a “Buyer Beware” type of world for both satellite and cable TV.

    • Mark Riddix

      That seems deceptive Sam. I would speak to the management at DirecTV.

  • Chad

    Something BIG to consider before getting DirecTV, though:

    I’ve done a TON of comparison before I got DirecTV, and the only downfall that I saw was that Dish had better customer service reviews. DirecTV boasts better “customer satisfaction”, but only over cable. I decided to get DirecTV for many of the reasons you pointed out.

    When I waited at home on the installation date, no one showed. I called and they said my installation was put on hold. A call would have been nice. But why was it on hold? Because the previous renters did not finish paying their bill. And I’m accountable for that? According to DirecTV, I am. If I wanted to pay $480 I could get my service.

    First, I was upset that no one told me sooner. They just didn’t show and waited for me to call. Second, they have my name, my social, ran a credit check – the whole nine yards, yet who I was didn’t matter. The home was flagged. They couldn’t have told me that right off the bat? And once they found out, they couldn’t have contacted me? Poor poor poor business.

    So, I went with Dish. A comparable plan, but they also worked with me quite well and there is a TON to say for customer service and that blanket of comfort it is if something does happen. I was going to fight it out with DirecTV, but if that’s any indication how dealing with them was going to be, then I didn’t want them anyway.

    • Mark Riddix

      That is food for thought.

      • Midnitesun70

        yes that is something to highly consider now that I am a current Direct Tv customer. I’m going to try Dish although no MSG (Knicks) network but I think I won’t loose any sleep over that. I will keep you posted on my experience as far as reception is concerned . I can and will bare witness to the fact that Direct Tv will take more money from you then you’ll expect! I myself am waiting for a third competitor because U verse or Fios is not available in my area either (head down) word to the wise NEVER sign up for auto pay, pay it on your own responsibility term. You’ll have INTERUPTED services and your cank acct will still go into the negatives.
        Gr8 reviews I respect them all

  • daeanaira

    If I could give zero stars, I would. I told the person what I wanted, they placed the order incorrectly and installed incorrect equipment. I called to get it fixed and was told I would have to pay for the wrong stuff I already received AND the new stuff I was supposed to get. It had only been a couple of days since installation, so I tried to cancel, but they have a NO CANCELLATION POLICY. Once the stuff is billed, it is yours. You can pay $20/month for the rest of the contract to cancel. So, I would have paid $480 for 2 days of service, which I couldn’t afford. So I kept them. Today, only 4 months in, my nearly new mint-condition receiver had a meltdown and deleted everything I had saved and erased the guide information. After 5 hours on the phone, the thing works again, but my stuff is gone forever and they won’t even consider giving me a credit. Also, BE WARNED. If you accept their free 3 month trial for extra channels, they will automatically begin billing you at the end of the trial. They like to keep this little tidbit to themselves. Do not accept the trial, or be diligent about canceling, or you will get overcharged.

    • Mark Riddix

      Wow your experience was horrible. Sorry to hear that.

    • Jillxz

      are you talking about Directv or Dish. You never said in your post and I would like to k ow as am trying to decideA

  • daeanaira

    That was in regards to DirecTV. BTW.

  • sama1

    DirecTv deliberately decieves and overcharges after service is begun. I had my own reciever, used my own equipment and set up the equipment by myself, at the end of service directv claimed all my equipment as their leased equipment and kept threatening to charge me penalty unless it is all returned, wil never use their service ever again, would not recommend this company to anybody, Dish Network is a 1000 times better and customer service really cares for their patrons, unlike Directv.

    • Mark Riddix

      Your experience was not a good one either. That is totally different from the one that I had.

      • dissturbbed one

        Mark, I have never met a happy directv customer NEVER. They make the mafia look like nuns and saints and it will catch up with them. Change of service? your screwed buddy..looks like another 24 month contract without you ever knowing. Cancel your service? better get a lawyer on this one. Have a problem with your receiver? Get ready to shell out some mega bucks and cross your fingers. If you EVER have a problem and call the center get ready to pay for that help. I could go and on…..

      • LAkid

        i had been with direct tv for 2 years and all the other people here that says they are liars and deceivers are true – if you want to save money go to dish if you have tons of money to give to directv then do so …. but it is true channels or programs wise direct tv has an edge – remember if you do not get the insurance with direct tv they will charge you if they send out a tehcnician if your dish is not working — with dish we have it free they even check or call us if there are interrruptions or bad weather in our area even though our service is fine – THE BEST thing is to experience BOTH! since your review is biased then YOU SHOULD CHANGE THE TITLE of your review to “WHY I LOVE DIRECT TV”

    • Bryna Kaplon

      Wow. Thanks for all the comments and feedback,folks. Mark, I thought your review was succinct and well-written — though it still left me up in the air as to who/what to make the switch to (not your fault; just a hard choice) — but some of these comments are making me learn towards dish, which was my leaning to begin with. So many choices, ugh. Thanks to all. I’ll keep reading comments.

      • Shamra

        I have directv at my house and my mom who lives next door has dishnetwork. We live in a very rural area in the south . It has been this way for approx. 8 years for the both of us.The ONLY thing stopping me from dumping directv is the fact that her reception is poor with dishnetwork at times and goes out completely when it rains…so i know it will be that way for me also. I qualify for “free” upgrades but dont get them because it truly is a bunch of scamming tactics. I am not tied in a contract but any thing you want to do such as get local channels or upgrade a package or hd reciever – any change you want to make ties you into a new 2 yr contract. I dont know if dishnetwork does this also – but probably. I hate both companies.- both companies suck on all issues. Nothing will change unless another satellite competitor comes into play.

      • cola410

        We have dish now (and have been with them for years) and the customer service is okay, but the prices are getting ridiculous. The price keeps going up and up. When we got a message that the hard drive failed in our DVR I chatted with a tech online and he assured me to go ahead and reformat the hard drive and I would still be able to retrieve the lost recordings with an external hard drive. So I reformatted the hard drive and went back online to talk to a different tech and see for sure (now that we had a new receiver sent to us for a $15 shipping fee) and I was instructed to check the color of a box on the system info menu. I was informed that because it was green and I had reformatted the hard drive that the recordings we irretrievable. Lost probably 24 hours or more of recorded programs. Thanks DISH.

  • Nate

    As a DISH Network employee I can tell you proudly we have better customer service than DIRECTV does, are equipment is better than theirs and you can have DVR functions in both rooms. With DISH your new customer promotions kick in as soon as you get the service DISH Network has free HD for life how great is that!

    • Jillxz

      Dish has HD free for life ? No way. The only way to get that is through auto-pay. If no auto pay , then you will pay that $10.00 HD fee every month.

  • glimerman

    I recently decided to switch from Dishnetwork to Directv as to be qualified for new promotional deals from current Dish provider. So checked promotions on line and I called Directv. Sales person on the phone promised the best deal in universe, their premiere package-285 channels , free premium movie channels for first 3 month, ability to watch all of my recorded programs on all 3 TVs in the house. It was discussed that I am going to receive 3 HD receivers. When I asked how much I’m going to pay each month during the contract I was told $50 a month for first 3 months and then $100 for next 21 months, with a promise of an email explaining everything in detail. Email showed full price for package with no discount, so called back and asked for explanation… Oh yes, they told me that I have to apply for rebates online to get the deal, so I did and once again requested an email with the confirmation of the price promised. On my numerous calls neither the person on the phone nor the salesman could give me consistent figures for the contract (RED FLAG), but all promised my three HD receivers. Finally after threatening them with a cancelation, person on the phone admitted that for the second year of my contract I will be paying full price of $134 (RED FLAG). I was willing to agree to this pricing due to a better equipment and ability to watch prerecorded programming an all 3 TVs. When the installer showed up, I discussed the details of my contract with him and my main question, the ability to watch prerecorded programming on all 3 TVs. Imagine my surprise when he told me NO! Of cause NOT, in order to have that option you MUST have 3 HD receivers not two HD and one regular receiver as they had it in my order. But note that it was the only reason that I still was going to go with DirecTV after they lied to me about the contract price!!! Well that is what NOT in my order he says…So after a couple of hours on the phone with various Directv representatives, I found out that in order for me to have that particular option- to be able to watch my prerecorded programming on all TVs, I must upgrade to a third HD receiver for another $100.
    These people are scam artists, they will not give written contract under any circumstances before the installation. DIRECTV had pursued and solicited me until they have my signed contact, after that getting through to the customer service to discuss the problem was virtually impossible. Their customer service is lousy!!!! I had to talk to 5 different custeromer service representatives just to cancel my order! Most of my 30/40 minutes calls were either disconnected or transferred to other department where I had to repeat my “live” story all over again. Do not sigh up with them or at least NOT until you get a written contract detailing the pricing and technology (how many receivers, type of receivers, etc.). TERRIBLE SERVICE~ I would NOT recommend Directv to anyone unless you want to spend the rest of your TV-watching life in misery.

    • Bryna Kaplon

      Wow to all comments. I am finished reading. Thanks to all. Sounds like service in general in America — and other countries…no matter the “service.” Crap shoot. I have learned that one MUST go to the VERY top to get fairness served…but even with that, it takes up your time….and like my father always said – time is money. Good luck all. I’ll need it too, as I make my decision. Thanks again. There is clearly no winner here. Ciao.

      • P.T.

        I’ve had cable for many years, and I’ve been wanting to switch for the same amount of time. According to these reviews, I’d be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. What I have found out with many companies when they give poor service is that I begin tweeting the story. Within a matter of minutes, someone from an executive level office starts paying attention and my problem gets resolved. The power of the pen, armed with the truth and the facts, is amazing. Even with that, I don’t like the way Dish or Directtv sound — I’m not entering that battle.

  • Garry

    I just want to let everyone know that Directv WILL steal money from you if they so decide.. If you EVER make a single payment via your credit card, they will keep that number and even if you discontinue auto-draft payments or any form of electronic payment (up to and including disconnecting your service or even spaciffically instructing them to remove any payment cards from your account at all), they will not only refuse to remove any cards used to pay with from their records (a privacy act violation I believe), but will draft continue drafting from your account even AFTER you fully cancel and close out your account..

    I felt the need to let EVERYONE know what kind of thieves Directv are before anyone decides to actually sign up with this disreputable company. I am currently in proceedings of fileing a payment reversal on over $400 that they took from my account without my approval, knowledge, or even confirmation. I am also going to look into any formal charges I can file agenst the company if at all possible, but doubtful as the courts seem to favor big business.

    Furthermore, the company REFUSED to process a return of funds to my account, stating that they do not have the ability.. This was after I was hung up on no less than three times for requesting a supervisor (which i still never got to speak with), and I never even raised my voice or became abusive on the phone (I’ve worked at call centers before, and I know that’s justifiable hang-ups there so I just don’t do it). This leads me to drastically question the company’s Ethics..

  • Matt Goodrich

    Do NOT subscribe to Directv. They have horrible customer service and will try to cheat you out of your money when you unsubscribe. We suspended our subscription (we called to cancel, but they talked us into suspending it instead), then they charged our credit card a couple days later. It has taken many phone calls with unempowerd customer service peons to try and resolve the problem. Then they are still trying to charge us $10 for a credit card reversal. Idiots.

  • Tim R

    on 8/19/2010 i contacted Directv for changing my service and sign for the NFL package. Rep. named Rosa ID# 2142402 explained different packages they had and it’s pricing. i was interested in choice xtra with NFL which was free for first year, if signed a two year contract. she also told me i could try the premier channels for five month and if i didn’t like it i could cancel the premier channels for no charge at end of that period. I specifically asked what my charges would be after five month if i switch to the plan i was interested from beginning, and she replied 34.99 with no cancellation or any other fees. I switched in Jan. 18, 2011 and after couple of statements i noticed they are charging 64.99. i called them and they said that the rep. made a mistake but, there is nothing they could do at their level so i have to write to their costumer service dept.
    Since, the conversation was recorded, i wrote to them and explained the issue and asked them to listen to the phone recording on date of purchase to see who made the mistake, me or the sales person. I received a phone call today from Shy ID# 100514822 and she explained that the review of the call reviled that their Representative made a mistake but the pricing of 64.99 will stand and won’t be changed back to what i was quoted. I explained to them that this seems like a bait and switch tactic and they said that if i have a problem i have to hire an attorney.

  • Joshua Ross

    Just to give a little insight to this subject. I am a Directv sales representative… don’t hunt me down, we’re not all bad lol. but honestly the entire culture of sales centers piss me off. I try to stay to the truth at all times but with how we’re pushed to hit certain percentages every single day, some tend to hit that gray area where an agent will push the boundaries of truth and not give a straight answer. I’m very good at what I do, 8 times out of ten because of how i answer questions customers never even ask for a second year price even after me previously stating their promotion last for 12 months and me stating its a 24 month agreement. The real problem is outsourcing. Directv often gives contracts to telemarketing companies to sell their product. In doing this, the outsourcee gets an immense amount of pressure to have a high sales closing percentage and they in-turn push their managers, who then push the agents to do whatever it takes at times. I’ve personally seen Directv corporate come in and crack down on this by monitoring calls and firing agents on spot. Directv wants everything done 100% correctly and honestly. Moral of this story, listen closely, be knowledgeable, check over your order e-mail to make sure everything is right. these stories as seen are rare but they do happen because every job will have a few liars and cheaters. My apologies to anyone that’s had issues with us. I love the directv company, but hate the sales environment.

    • Nosgoth1979

      That was a great, honest comment. I can certainly appreciate, and respect, both your viewpoint and your loyalty to your company. I thought I’d chime in too, being that I’m a DISH Network employee and like you, very happy with my company. I did sales for a while, and have to say it sounds like a very different environment over here. We have a huge list of disclosures to tell customers—including a price breakdown of the second year—every effort is made to be completely honest and forthcoming, and I was never pressed to hit a certain sales number or percentage, as you mentioned DirecTV does to you. That’s not to say that misunderstandings never happen, they do, but I’d be willing to bet they’re comparatively rare because of this. I think that difference in company culture probably extends much deeper too, into the policies and how customers are treated after the sale.

      • Waynette Tubbs

        I have to tell you that I was treated very well as a customer at DirecTV. Sadly, I was a fool for leaving because of a $30 difference in price. Isn’t that sad? I hoped to save $30 for 12 months. I’ve had Dish for one week. The customer service is horrible. The picture is horrible. And my dish reception has been out 3 times in the first week. When I called Dish, I met with no resolution. Technical support told me to call the technician who installed the dish. That technician promised to come out to fix the problem, but then he never showed up. I decided to cancel the service and return to DirecTV, but Dish is trying to pressure me to remain in the contract. I’m investigating mitigation alternatives with MasterCard. So sad, for $30 a month savings.

      • Lpool23

        I switched from DirectTv to Dish and I was not informed of the cost after the first 12 months. I can not wait for my contract to end to move back to Direct Tv. I changed with idea in mind that the cost would be less … that was not true. I should have done more research. I am paying more to get the channels my family watches. Blockbuster is a joke and Dish should not want there name associated with Blockbuster. It does not compare to Netflix…. takes hours to download movies, and will only download one at a time. Movies are all old and outdated and not user friendly. The Blockbustor does not have search feature to look for movies. I was told the only way to get the channels we like (BET) was to purchase the Blockbuster package.

      • Chelsea Smith

        Well i do like DIsh cause we been with the company for so long, but now that my mother has passed an she wanted me to change the account name into mine name, they told me i couldent do that, i had to deactivate my mothers account, and make a new one. so i did, next day they told me i wasent able to make an account an had to wait 3 months… i feel like i need to switch, so i can start off fresh an get this account of of my mothers name…ive been looking at reviews for direct tv and other company an ive seen bad an good, and im not sure what to do anymore. im stuck with my mothers huge bill, or i can start off fresh an take care of my own bill…

  • Bruce Houston

    We just switched from DirecTv to Dish after 10 years with DirecTv. We did it because our telephone company (TDS Telecom) does a “bundle” deal with telephone and internet (and Dish). Our intial impressions are not good. As compared to DirecTv, the picture quality is very poor (with Dish). We also have been getting audio static which is annoying. We also are receiving a free 32″ HDTV for signing up for 2 years. We’re thinking if we could we would forego the TV if we could switch back to DirecTv at this point. :(

  • Anthony Bea

    DishNetwork is not perfect but if you speak to the right person they will solve your problem rather quickly.
    For rebates Deals Specials and or billing and technical problem I use this number normally a supervisor will help you 1888-669-6145 mon thru friday 8am to 11pm saturday 9am to 10am sunday 10am to 6pm @ eastern time hope this helps you all. I use this number for additional credit and tech issues.

    • Hispanam

      All I got was, “Good-bye.”

    • Waynette Tubbs

      I went through three people to finally land at a desk called Executive Response or some such. Her job was to tell me that there is no way to break the contract. We’ve had Dish for one week – horrible picture, three days with no service and the technician didn’t show on the day promised to fix the issue. I assure you Dish, if the problems with picture quality and service still exist after this the technician appointment this week, the contract will be broken.

  • Hispanam

    What was the date of your review? My experience is not the same as yours…

  • Done

    Dish is a joke. Completed a two year contract and was due a refund. Called four times to see where the money was and each time got a different story. They have no intention on refunding my money. If you like to get screwed and lied to sign up.

  • The Truth

    There are no bad satellite providers…just different. Quite frankly, when you peel away the layers of the onion…it’s what home entertainment you receive for the money that you pay. From the posts below, it appears that some people have an agenda to convince you, the other provider is out to get you. Both Dish and DIRECTV are in business to make a profit and they cannot do that if they have a reputation for lying and cheating people. The consumer has to take responsibility for understanding the product they are buying and actually reading the fine print. If you are having a problem with customer service, then it’s most certainly something that you did wrong or didn’t understand. Don’t blame your ineptness on either provider. They are not out to get you and you shouldn’t expect something for nothing.
    I have had both Dish and DIRECTV and I chose DIRECTV because of the features they provide for the money that I pay. It does appear that Dish Network wants the consumer to believe that Dish is the same as DIRECTV…only cheaper. Wow…not even close. Dish may be a little less expensive than DIRECTV in some configurations of programming and equipment, but at what cost to the consumer. That’s why DIRECTV is typically the better value for most people.
    If price was the only differentiator, sure go with the lowest. However, the only reason consumers ask about price is because they don’t know what else to ask. Since DIRECTV and Dish are very different, price is almost irrelevant. So what if DIRECTV is $7, $10 or even $12 more per month…what can you do for $12 a month or .40 a day? If you don’t know the advantages of DIRECTV over Dish…how can you make an informed decision?
    If you can’t afford $7-$12 more for “Home Entertainment” per month, I recommend an “off-air” antenna. That will set you back $20 and no monthly fee or 2 year agreement. Some people cannot afford satellite and those people do not need to enter a two year agreement with anyone for anything.
    Below is a list of features that DIRECTV has, that Dish does not. They do share a few features…SlingBox is one of those. I mention SlingBox because Dish will have you believe it’s a Dish Network exclusive. I’ve been using SlingBox with my DIRECTV for 8 years. If you purchase Dish’s SlingBox, it’s nothing more than a paper weight once you switch to cable, DIRECTV or U-Verse. My SlingBox works with satellite, cable, security cameras or any other source.
    NFL Sunday Ticket (Free to New Customers) 3D TV – ESPN-3D, 3net and Net 3D (All 3 FREE) DIRECTV’s NEW HD Guide (Super Fast) Interactive TV
    US Open British Open The Masters Golf US Open Tennis Wimbledon Tennis
    And much more…
    DIRECTV just added the Entertainment Package and the price is the same as America’s Top 120. DIRECTV has 20 more channels than the Top 120 for the same price. Nat Geo, Bravo, Animal Planet, AMC, I.D., ESPN3D, HDNet, GMC, Hallmark, OWN (Opra Network), GOD, n3D, 3net, Disney XD & More DIRECTV Internet Connection Kit – 9,000 Movies and TV Shows (Free) NASCAR HotPass (Free) don’t judge it, until you have seen it. (Not censored…not for children) Sports Mix Channel News Mix Channel DIRECTV Everywhere DIRECTV iPad App (Free) Sling Box TV Apps (Free) …So does Dish…but not Youtube YouTube (Free) 170 HD Channels vs. 120 for Dish Network (Disney and Disney XD are just 2 of many channels that only DIRECTV has in HD) The Audience Channel – DIRECTV Exclusive Whole-Home – 15 rooms vs. 3 rooms for the Hopper. Home Media Center (HR34) Receiver – Record 5 shows at one time, PIP and a One Terabyte Drive I have an HR34 and 2 HR24 receivers at home. I can record 9 shows at the same time. DIRECTV only charges $8 for as many DVR’s as the customer wants…Dish Network for each DVR I pay only $8 monthly for my 3 DVR receivers. Double Play – Watch 2 TV shows at the same time and never miss a thing.
    Best picture quality – Dish compresses their satellite signals due to lack of capacity and then uncompressed that same signal. DIRECTV has ample capacity on their satellite and therefore has better picture quality. If you have a big screen HD TV…you need DIRECTV. Both DIRECTV and Dish are better than cable, but DIRECTV is better than Dish.

    Dish Network has…

    722 Dual Tuner Receiver – One tuner that can be shared between two rooms. Cannot record any TV while both rooms are watching TV. HD in one room and cable quality in the other room. Really!
    Primetime Anytime, which is a very cool feature. The reality is that DIRECTV is going to have the same feature later this year. It’s nice, but not a game changer. For $99…I have a Home Media Center that can record 5 shows at one time. To do the same with Hopper and Joey…you need an additional Hopper, which cost $199. Dish says that you can record 6 shows at once “During Primetime”. Translation…the Hopper can record 3 shows at one time. (Way to mislead your customers, once again Dish Network)
    Hopper and Joey has a cool name, but only 3 rooms can watch a live TV program vs. 15 for DIRECTV’s Whole-Home service.
    Only Dish has the WFN or World Fishing Network and HRTV or Horse Racing TV. If you love fish and horses and must have those two specific channels…then you must have Dish Network.
    Blockbuster on Demand has 100,000 movies and TV shows vs. DIRECTV’s 9,000 movies and TV shows for free. Blockbuster will cost you $10 per month after year one and DIRECTV is always FREE. (There’s $10 that will allow you to pay for the potential difference in the price of DIRECTV)
    AMC was recently dropped by Dish Network. Dish said that their viewership didn’t watch that network…Really! AMC’s original stories include Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, The Killing and Hell on Wheels.

    DIRECTV has 20 Million subscribers and Dish Network 14 Million. Neither satellite TV provider can be all things to all people. That being said, it’s clear that DIRECTV has the decided advantage in offering the best overall value in Home Entertainment today.

    • Dawkt05

      I have just recently got dishnetwork and i love it you do not need two hoppers to record five things at once i dont know where some people got that from but all you need is one.In my oppion dish is the better satelitte for the money.Both providers offer pretty much the same channles but this dish hopper gives dish a one up i mean being able to just push a button and skip right through commercials thats alsome no you cant do it on all recordings but direct tv dosent even offer it even with there new genie! So go with dish its just better!

  • You Decide

    Dish Network or Direct TV (DTV) which is better? Dish boast, Superior customer Service. For argument sake let’s give the edge to dish on this one; it’s expected of them with 12 million customers vs. 30 million for DTV. Neither one has an edge on the dollars you pay vs. the TV channel packaging received. Dish now advertise something called the “Hopper” with a kangaroo in the logo. The hopper allows Dish customers to record the 4 major network programs during prime-time (8pm-11pm) and record and watch an additional show altogether. It boasts that any of these recorded shows can be watched from any other room where you have another Dish receiver. But consider this, With Dish’s DVRs and I do have two, once you start recording a program LIVE mode and you select the recorded program to view during the recorded session, and for any reason you decide not to view the rest of the program after 30 minutes and decide to view something else. If after watching something else during 20 minutes decides to go back and finish viewing the DVR recording where you left off after 30 minutes; the DVR will not let you start from the point where you viewed previously, but will have to restart the recording and cue it to where you left off previously. The difference between DISH Vs. DTV other than DTV having exclusive rights to NFL, MLB, golf, tennis etc. games broadcasting contract has to do with how the viewer interact with their TV via the remote control. Consider this: everything being equal, that is, If I have a DVR for both companies. On Dish I start watching program “A” and a commercial period comes and I hit the advance button 8 times to advance past the commercial (30 sec at a time) 4 minutes total. Most likely I would have advanced the recording 10 sec later than where it should be, but with Direct TV the cueing effect traverse the commercial real-time on screen so you can see where you can stop the recording while it plays out rapidly; instead of blindly fishing and baiting method Dish network employs. Another thing I enjoy with DTV unplug or un-switch alive always on mode (your TV is off and your DVR is off); and let say you are going out and would like to caught up on the latest sport news from ESPN sport center, but you don’t want to engage the recording because you do not wish to record a zillion sport center episodes on a recurring basis, after all you have other shows at some point that u will be recording, so what u do you leave your receiver parked and turned off at ESPN and when you come back all you have to do is rewind the recorded portion up to 2 hours worth for viewing. On every aspect of remote control and cable box receiver interaction what you can do with DTV 2 key-punch interaction it takes 5 or more to accomplish the same thing with Dish Network. And for me the enjoyment of watching TV comes with the ease and quickness I can interact with the DVR, and have it work for me in a way that each program is easily accessible and easily cue able and that is what DTV allows. In my opinion even if Dish Network was to have no fees for their DVRs boxes and was to give away access for free to blockbuster (which they own), (by the way the you need an internet connection to download the movies) which eats into your bandwidth and most (99%) of the movies offered is outdated) and not worth it, altogether DTV is the choice to make if you want to choose a satellite TV company.

  • Chasityarmstrong1978

    I am a Direct TV customer of almost 2 yrs the service isn’t the greatest we had Dish Network but a few of our friends was starting up their own business and so we helped them out by switching to Direct TV and now we had added HBO to our package we lost five channels 2 of which my kids loved watching then they are in this big thing with Viacom so we lost another 25 channels and now my kids have even less channels because of this so we had enough and wanted to sworn back to Dish Networkso here I am getting it all set up for them to come out on a Sunday I had to call them back because they was charging me an extra $49.95 and never mentioned this charge to me so I called and complained so they was sending me back $25.00 and was still going to send me a $25.00 gift card so after that we waited on Sunday for this installer to come out and he had a half hour till he was to be at our home and he calls says its going to be longer so husband tells him no to reschedule so we had them come back out on Tuesday so the installer comes out starts doing his thing and mentions we wasn’t getting HD said that I denied it which I never did because I was never asked so he calls his boss his boss says its another $199 just for HD TV are you serious said that it was because I didn’t have credit which yea I know I don’t my ex messed that up for me years ago and I’ve been trying to establish myself so that’s why I had to pay out the ting tang for my service a total of $208.15 plus another $25.00 really that was outragious enough you want more screw you so my husband asks if he could put it in his name he talked to four people on the phone about all of this just to say take it all down they giving us our money back but they have horrible customer service they never told me they was running a credit check didn’t say I had to pay for a processing fee didn’t ask if I wanted HD nothing was being said I asked why it costed so much he tells me everyone pays this my husband said he’s never payed that so not only did we not get Dish Network but their installer destroyed our dish from Direct TV and bent the dish up so my husband had gotten on the food and it took us hours to get it set up still don’t have all the transponders right but good enough till we can get someone out here so I sent them an email hope they enjoy reading it I would never send anyone their way after being treated like crap

    • As123

      Wow man….ever heard of a period? Your review is impossible to read.

      • D. Clark

        Go take a nap AS123!

  • Guest

    Now DirecTV has blacked out like 25 channels so everyone will switch to DISH. I’ve been a customer for 10+ years with DISH and i am very satisfied.

  • Fouroutoffivedentistsagree

    Worst customer service I have ever experienced with any company trying to sign up for Dish Network again. They were alright before, but forget being lied to about the price…I had to talk to eleven different people over five phone calls before even reaching a person in sales with whom I could discuss a plan. I told my story over and over again to agent after agent about how they continued to transfer me to someone who was not in the sales department, but instead of something call sales support department. when the 11th agent told me the price I noticed that it was a dollar more than a price quote it to me by DirecTV. I asked to speak to the supervisor for sales, and he was a total douche blast. he wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise, and he felt it appropriate to call me back after I hung up with him in disgust just so that he could argue with me some more. because I have heard bad things about DirecTV as well, my wife and I simply signed up for hulu plus how to add to the choices we are already getting with netflix streaming. if our house was in an area in which we could purchase cable service, we would.

  • Peter

    I have not used Dish Network, but I can tell you that DirecTV is truly horrible. You pay a lot of money for awful channels you don’t need (who really wants to learn about Brazilian Butt wax?). Their customer service is worse than miserable, and their reliability is mediocre to say the least. I would not be surpirsed if DirecTV goes out of business in the next few years, they are SO BAD. Besides, who needs them with Hulu, NetFlix, and similar offerings?

    • obviously yes

      Actually its true that the customer service its not the greatest;

      why? i worked in one of the 5 arround america, so that make things a little horrible, because every call center have diferent rules, techniques, and ways to attend a call, so yeah trying to make them agree its the worst deal. But an intersting deal its that in that call center we also had dish, so i know both customer service and packages, and if i would have to choice, i rather cable or netflix, but can help you because in the country where i live the nfl its include in the non pay channels, and the cost of the highst package, (cable tv) is for arround 28 us, so i relly feel bad for u guys but try netflix or cable

  • Ralep65

    dish network .If you cancel their service they take the money out of you bank account and there is nothing that can be done,Dish did it today. yes took money from my grankids christmas. Great job DISH. They just do it. Sad situation and all you get is sorry we got our money dont give a damn if your babies have christmas. Yes you suck.

    • U2vertigo1

      You signed the deal so you need to take responsibility. It’s not their fault they expect you to keep your end of the deal! Really people stop blaming others for your mistakes!

    • Chelsea Smith

      Theey did that to me, i managed to call them over an over till they refunded all my money for the messups they pulled on me

  • powerfade

    And so it begins!

    I just ordered Dish Network and went through all the necessary hoops and wanted to get the six room free installation. Service guy arrives and said it can’t be done because I would have to order more recievers. I told him that the rest of my stuff wouldn’t be delivered for about another three months. So I asked if he could just wire the rooms and when my stuff arrives I would then get the extra receivers. He said he couldn’t do it. Therefor, I now have to schedule another service visit and now it will cost me money out of my own pocket. Idon’t like contracts for this reason. If you are good and confident in your product you don’t need contracts, but once you sign it’s too late.

    We’ll see how the drama goes!

    Btw…when I ordered the product the rep said I good do it.

  • canecane

    I just switched from direct tv to dish today, I had direct for 15 years I never had any problems with viewing , two times I had to replace a box over all I did like it. What I didn’t like was there prices yes they tell you for choice it’s 54$ but after taxes and each box you pay for on each tv it came to 76$. The other problem I had was the refer a friend, which I tried 3 diff times and they always gave some lame excuse for not giving the 100$. I would say if your a sports fan dtv is prob the way to go. Like I said I just got dish today, I needed something more affordable for my small family which sponge Bob usually is what is on, but I did ask and go over channel line up and could get the 24.99 deal which after taxes in one year will go to 51$ it is still cheaper and had the same channels we viewed. Also want to point out I don’t have to pay for or have a box for each tv so I am saving there too.

  • Ehsanjoarder

    sales rep. lied to me to get me to sign up. and dish refused to resolve issue

    i called dish to sign up for dish network and the sales rep. signed me up for 3 HD TVs with DVRs.
    when the installation took place i noticed i only had 1 HD TV and ! regular TV and no DVRs. big difference from what i bought. so i called the next day and after being on the phone for 2 hours being transferred from dept to dept a second repair order was put in place. so i went home that night and nothing was changed. i still had 1 HD TV and 1 regular TV and my bed room TV still didnt work. so i called dish again and after being on the phone for another hour to hour and a half i was being told that for me to get the 3 HD TVs and DVRs i would have to pay an additional 400 plus dollars. if that was the case i would have never even signed up for dish. so i went ahead and canceled the account which was within a week of me signing up. and now dish wants me to pay them $470.18 for a early cancellation fee when it was there fault that i wasted a whole week messing around with them and they lied and wasted my time. i tried to contact dish many times since then and tried to plead my case but no1 there is willing to help. they also blamed me for not sending the receivers back in time but that was because they sent me 1 box and i couldnt fit all three receivers in one box and had to call them again to get another box, which is why it took me longer than usual to send the items back.

  • Puternutus

    Interesting, I have Dish and pay nearly $100 a month for the top 250 plan with no premiere channels. Customer service is terrible and I often get pay per view movies charged to my account that I didn’t watch . I haven’t tried direct TV, but I will soon.

    • Stokanator

      Stop believing everything your kids tell you and tell them to stop ordering movies

  • Thomas Bodetti

    What I do not get is why do companies gamble with their customers? For example we have been with Direct TV for the last four years, were very good customers, So we scratch our heads when we see DTV offering new customers only a deal on new equipment and programming, while expecting us to pay full price, now they do not know if the new customers will even remain a customer or if they will pay their bills, they dont know for sure if they are going to have to chase down that “New” customer to get their equipment back if they fail to make payments.

    So, exactly why are we made to sit at the back of the bus when we should be a respected tier of customer service, that is why I have to wonder about these people, mostly because I look at how much money these guys spend on getting new customers and I think Wow, are they really this stupid? or do they just not care about their bottom line? They could have us for another 24 months, but they are going to loose our business why is that? Because they refuse to understand that because they choose to require a 24 month commitment, which means that if they want the security of having a contract that when the 24 months is over and we have lived up to our end of the agreement, then its time to negotiate again…

    In any negotiation, its all about past experience, the more you bring to the table the better the contract you should get. What really makes me wonder is this idea that they somehow think that they do not have to do anything once I complete the contract, that makes me laugh.

    • walter

      Cable does the same thing. “Teaser” Packages as they are called. Atlantic Broadband gave two of my friends the same package I have for $39.00 less a month for a 2 year period. I complained; they lowered my bill to within $15.00 of what they are charged. Three months later it went back up $25.00 as everyones bill not on the “Teaser” rates rose.

    • cc

      I agree Directv doesnt care about the customer they already have. I just call and told them that dish give me a offer. I ask if they would match some of the equipment, HD, and some of the chanel. Not all the deals that dish was offering just some. They ask me did I want to down grade and get new equipment and make my bill lower. I have been with directv over four years and have never been late on paying my bill. You would think they would have been interest in keeping a loyal customer that paids instead of one they know nothing about.

    • Bryan

      Direct TV prefers to grab ahold of the new and vulnerable folks, lock them into 2 year deals and take their money. This is more important to them than being a long-term customer which goes to show how greedy and untrusting companies can be these days.

    • just a simple guy

      It’s called business SR. lets say you run your company (switching from customer perspective to businessman) and get your first lets say 100 customers, those customers were not free you have to make an investment (discount, offer, free stuff) off course there was a cost for that and most of the time where the competence is high that cost can easily be above 1000 per new customer and it may take months or in some cases years for you to recover what you invest in that customer, therefore once you recover from that and you were able to keep lets say 80 of those 100 new customers. what are you gonna do to move on??
      correct throw out another investment (discount, free stuff, offers) but with the exception that now the other 80 customers that you were able to keep are the ones founding the investments made. so that’s pretty much how all the companies work (i am in favor of none here just trying to educate people), now as i said before if you give a close look to comcast, twc, dish, drctv. all of them have this staring offers and leave pretty much older customers with no fun at all, and this is not only in the entertainment industry you will see this procedure in your cellphone provider as well. so going to the point that you will see this type of behavior in any of this massive companies it is just a matter of time. so i hope this help everyone to understand how business works.

  • Powerplay85

    irst of all, direct tv does not have a 29.99 package anymore so that loses creditability of the author right off the bat. The lowest package is around 69.99/mo

    • Curtis Gupton

      I just dumped direct tv and waiting for the Dish man to come as i type. I was paying 89 dollars a month for 3 tvs with no dvr or nothing. Now i will be paying 58.00 a month for 5 tvs with hopper and dvr and hd free for life. I hope there telling me the all i know is that anything is better than direct tv with my expierence with them. There customer service sucked eggs.

      • Barbara

        Unfortunately they also treat their loyal customers like crap. You will not do much better with Dish!

    • Summer

      I work for DTV – the lowest package is FAMILY with absolutely no discounts, it is $29.99. So good job.

  • Barb

    We’ve been customers of both DTV and Dish. A few years ago my husband
    switched from Dish to DTV because of poor reception. Rain and
    thunderstorms always knocked out reception which means TV viewing in
    Central FL in the middle of the August rainy season was a nightmare.
    Regretfully my husband passed away several weeks ago and left a mountain
    of bills. I’m doing what I have to do to cut expenses since I no longer
    have his income. I simply want to downgrade our package to something I
    can afford but in researching this I’m learning it isn’t going to be
    that easy. He was the person listed on the account and therefor the only
    one allowed to make changes. This is what our bill looks like:
    Premier Package running 199.99 mo.

    NFL SUNDAY TICKET for 49.99

    9 Additional TVs including the free Primary TV @ $6 ea (he even had 2 installed in the RV)

    Advanced Receiver DVR Monthly 8.00
    Network ABC Monthly 3.50

    Network NBC Monthly 3.50

    plus all the taxes and protection plan
    Total: a whopping 267.72 mo.!!
    Unlike myself, my husband liked to live large. I don’t need all this. I
    can get by just fine with DTV’s Entertainment Pkg + Showtime (Dexter
    & Homeland are a must have)
    but I’m in a bind with changing the plan. I’ve been keeping up the
    payments but if I disclose that he’s passed away I’m afraid they’ll
    cancel my service and I’ll lose all our recordings. I don’t know why he
    felt we needed all of that. Just about everything we regularly watched
    is in the Ent. Pkg and I can eliminate some of the additional tvs as
    I’m hoping one of the reps reading these reviews can give me some
    suggestions on how to get this done without going through all the
    nightmares posted here. I’m not able to downgrade online in the Acct
    Manager. I tried sending a support question anonymously but they won’t take it without giving your account info. Any ideas?

  • yaya/nate

    I switched from Dish Net to ATT UVERSE. It is a better deal and it does not go out on a drop of rain or wind. After you cancel Dish charges 17 dollars to send equipment back in. I think they are rip offs and recommend them to NO ONE!

  • Jon

    This review is not at all correct in the pricing. Whatever you see there you must add another $15 a month if you keep the contract for 2 years. Stay just a year longer and you can add another $10 a month to that pricing list. So as you can see the longer you stay with DirecTv or Dish the higher that actual monthly cost actually becomes. After 5 years or so you have just been hoodwinked into paying very very close to the actual Choice Package cost of $54.99 a month. Very slick bait and switch. I have TWC with a single HD reciever and I pay 45.99 a month. It never changes, and I can leave anytime I want. The equivalent package from DirecTv comes out to $47.99 a month but with the second year pricing kicking in it is actually a whopping $62.99 a month and I am stuck for 2 years. DirecTv would cost me an additional INSANELY WHOPPING $408 for nearly identical content over the course of the minimum contract length. I have had DirecTv recently so I can truly compare them to the cable I have now, although I must say there isn’t much of a comparison.

  • J Z


    • Joe Hammerdink

      God, another idiot who doesn’t understand who to use paragraphs. If you can’t properly write, then don’t expect anyone to believe your story.

      You are also full of crap. They did NOT charge you an early termination fee when you couldn’t get a signal. That is just false.

  • Rupert

    Called Directv today to get their “extra” package. Was told byt the CS ” Laurie” the cost for 3 dvr’s $61.99 per month. I asked her repeatedly (not joking) if it was for 12 or 24 months. She said 24 months ove and over. I gave all my info, scheduled install date, and then was transferref to another number.
    This new CS said my account that was just established was not any good and needed all my info all over again. Then was told my $61.99 was only good for 12 months and would raise to $88.99 starting on month 13. I asked to speak to her manager who’s name is Anthony. Anthony talked like he was just off the street saying, yeah man, what’s goin on”, know what I mean….you get the point….needles to say this company needs to get their people on the same page and hire managers that can talk intelligently. I felt I was being “bait & switched” and then had to deal with manager from the Hood.
    Directv not for me!

    • Beo


  • Vittorio37

    DO NOT GET DISH! The service is ok, but it is very expensive and you’ll get charged for absolutely anything. My remote came with a factory malfunction that would discharge new batteries in just days, DISH either charges the price for a new remote of you have to get their equipment insurance $10 a month for at least 6 months though that’s clearly their mistake. We had issues with the signal, they charged us $25 to have somebody fix it when it was obviously their fault. When I finally got fed up with their scam, I had to pay $227 to cancel my service and they just charged to my credit card without sending any notice. Like I said before, DO NOT GET DISH!

    • Joe Hammerdink


      You are lying through your teeth.

      Everyone, go to the websites of each respective company, NOT RESELLERS. You will always get a better price with DISH and your bill will stay the same until it’s SUPPOSED to change.

      Also, YOU CANCELLED SERVICE UNDER CONTRACT. You signed a bunch of papers when you signed up with Dish that said you agree to early cancellation charges. They don’t need to give you notice. YOU cancelled the service.

      They didn’t scam you. I also don’t believe your remote story. I had the same thing happen to me and I just called them and politely asked for another and they sent me one overnight. Now how does that happen? Hmmm??

  • jim

    I signed up for dish with a hopper and 3 joeys . I live in Etowah county and the Technicians that came out informed us that our voltage was to high for the hopper to work right . I was told that The Hopper works if your voltage is between 118-120 volts . They had another system that I could try that was better than the Hopper . The system wasn’t feasible for what I wanted , Let the service rep that signed us up know what the tech told us. Called dish and they hadn’t heard of such a thing . They sent another tech from Etowah county area and we were the same thing voltage to high , called Alabama power and was told I must be getting Dish network and that we were within the 6% voltage range . Had another Dish Tech again and I told them I wanted the Hopper and joeys and was told I couldn’t get them as it takes money away from them (“somehow ?) . Called dish again and they would sent another Tech out. Not only was I told I couldn’t have the Hopper and Joeys but the Tech went back to the shop after I told him to leave and send some-one that knew what they were doing after a heated discussion . The Tech returned to his shop and I can only assume that he told them that I had cancelled service. Dish in kind charged me $400.00 for cancellation fees . That’s my experience with Dish and decided on Direct TV with their Genie and very satisfied. Have had no hassles at all.

    • Joe Hammerdink


      Total nonsense. LOL. Anyone with a bit of technical knowledge knows this is a load of crap.

  • Fairvoice

    Your facts are wrong. I work for a company that sells both dish and direct tv. The at-120 has over 190 channels, at-200 is over 235, at250 is over 290 while the everything pack is well over 300 due to all the movies. Just because its named something you should check out the actual lists. Direct is constantly over charging customers and we get more complaints about the over dish. Check the better business bearou and jd powers and associates before you make a choice!

    • Joe Hammerdink

      It’s funny how the actual installers and people who sell both ALWAYS lean towards DIsh because their tech is better and their pricing is better.

      The idiotic sheep out there will still just keep flocking to DIRECTV for the NFL though, never realizing they are getting screwed over hard by DIRECTV.

      Want better tech and a stable bill? Go with DISH. Period.

      • FigaroPho

        But they’re not getting screwed over if the NFL package is what they really want. Dish has nothing comparable. Nobody does.

  • Oliver Small

    Has anyone had success negotiating discounts with DirecTv after the promotional 1st year discounts are up? Looking for tips/tricks in this area.

    • Joe Hammerdink

      If you are under contract they aren’t going to budge much.

      • Karel C

        Geez you are the biggest Dish Network homer I have ever seen.

        I have had Dish Network before and their HD picture quality is BY FAR the worst out of all the providers in my area (DirecTV, Comcast X1). I have had all 3 services in my home.

        Before you come with the dumb questions…don’t even try it. I am pretty tech savy and yes all my TV’s are 1080p LED’s and every setting was correct. The same TV’s that showed great HD with DirecTV and Comcast, were showing horrible HD with Dish Network. And no it was not the Hopper DVR because they even replaced it with a new one and it the same issue wouldn’t go away.

        Comcast HD (which I think isn’t amazing to begin with) was light years better than Dish’s.

  • Samantha Samuels

    I’ve been a Dish Network customer for 9 yrs and since switched to Directv, but without being harassed by Dish Network to return their equipment, which they were to send me a postage paid box & wave the shipping fee which I never received the box, but received harassing calls from the collection agency threating me, so I called I finally got the box & returned the equipment then I get a call stating they received the equipment but I owe a shipping fee, which was agreed I didn’t have to pay & I also had a credit on my account of the amount of $17 which was the fee amount, so I had to call again to get this rectified. This is a terrible way to be treated after being a customer for 9 yrs. I don’t normally leave comments, but I hope this helps some one make their decision about becoming a dish network customer.

    • Joe Hammerdink

      Logic tells me you didn’t properly setup the shipment with DISH and then you sat on it so long they started collections against you.

  • Deshawn Adams

    I paid $40.00 with for the top 250 for the first year and then $75.00 for the 2nd. I have no complaints at all plus I can drop to a lower tier if needed. My bill is the same amount every month. Dish for my TV, Twc for my internet and Tmobile for my cell I’ve have had no problems with neither.

  • Stokanator

    There was little to no research done to create this article, or the writer got all his information from a directv rep. Take it from someone who has sold for a 3rd party dealer for both services, Dish is a much better value without sacrificing anything! What irked me the most about this article is the writers comment that Direct has more channels, well that’s false. Dish has more HD programming then any other provider, who watches anything in SD? What channels is Dish missing sir? The England sports network? Directv user guide channel? What I’d really like to know? Meanwhile you have Direct who can’t even keep the Whether Channel for god sakes!!

    The NFL network is a definite advantage to direct though, that is for sure but it does come at a price of $249 additionally. Plus this is the very last season the nfl and direct has this contract, believing the NFL will limit this pkg to just one provider again is an extremely unlike mistake that will be made again!

    But hey, if you like paying more for an inferior product………Directv is a great choice!

    • James Stahlnecker

      I am a current Dish cucustomer. The false advertising of Dish is enough not to use. They make fun of direct tvs hidden rate hike while Dish prices go higher. I have bills to prove. Dish $19.99 package goes to $35.99. Dishs $29.99 120 channel package goes to $59.99. While Direct tv 130 channel package only goes to $49.99. Seems to me Direct tv is the better deal

      • Bryan

        Actually you’re right to an extent, but Direct TV’s prices often suddenly increase dramatically either due to billing mistakes or adding features I never agreed to, so make sure you take a huge breath before opening up a Direct TV bill envelope because you don’t know what the price is going to be next month!

      • Curtisk

        Why not try cable if you think dish or directv are bad! I wouldn’t be complaining if I were you. I have seen some extremely high hikes in rates from cable. I would love to only have a 59 dollar TV bill versus 80 plus from a comcast or similar cable provider.

      • Joe Hammerdink

        Yeah, that’s called a promotional price expiring. You can’t be serious with this crap. You are lost on the pricing as well. You must be buying through a reseller and not directly from Dish, which is always a dumbass move.

        By all means switch to DIRECTV. You belong there. Those with some IQ will always stick with Dish for the better tech.

    • gimpygus

      Well, except Dish Network does not offer NFL Sunday Ticket. I guess other than that Dish is superior.

      • Bryan

        and that Dish Network is more likely to suddenly and temporarily cancel stations one day due to contract disputes- though to be fair Direct TV occasionally does this too.

    • Joe Hammerdink

      Finally someone with some sense. The ONLY thing DIRECTV has is the NFL. That’s it. DISH has much better tech and much better pricing.

      • FigaroPho

        And the NFL is what a lot of people want so…

  • amos


  • Teresa Wood

    I know it is anti American, but i don’t watch football and Direct TV auto signed me up for NFL Sunday ticket. I did not see the notice that said to call them to cancel something I did not want in the first place so I was charged $80. They then gave me a hard time canceling it and only gave me a $40 refund. What a scam. I’m going to switch to Dish!

    • James Stahlnecker

      You can buy a “slimport”, or a hdmi adapter for your cell phone and watch youtube, netflix, hula through your phone service onto your tv. I orderd one specifically for my lg g2 it works fine.

    • Joe Hammerdink

      DIRECTV is the only thing that has fueled their business.

      DISH has FAR better tech and FAR better prices. DIRECTV has NFL money though so they have the ability to market to more people. Those in the know, know that DISH is the place to be if you want the best tech and want it first.

  • wavesofgrain

    I had Directv years ago. I only switched to Dish because a friend became a rep (for his commission). If you are an older person, I would not recommend Dish Network. I had no manual for the DVR they installed, and I did not know how to use the remote to record and save movies. I called for help, and asked if someone would please help me and route my way to set certain shows to record. The pompous young southern gentleman kept telling me to go to a certain channel for directions. I said I have bad eyesight, and have no technical aptitude for learning off the TV, and it would only take them less then one minute to tell me what buttons to push to do it. He refused repeatedly to help this older woman. I said this was G Dmn unbelievable…and he hung up on me. I then called again, got a young Asian accented girl, and she eventually helped me…but with a hit of condescending tones.
    Dish also has horrible commercials, bashing Directv for the SAME kind of price fixing they do! I would like to see them make a commercial that delves into just THEIR own attributes. Instead, they make commercials bashing their competitiors, saying nothing about their own business practices.

    • Joe Hammerdink

      Get a friend to come and help? If you eyesight is so bad you can’t see the TV I wouldn’t spend too much time with you either. They don’t have time to hold your hand through the entire thing.

      • wavesofgrain

        Your response is one more reason I will NOT refer anyone to Dish Network. Your attitude reflects the customer service attitudes from Dish. You must work for Dish. I will also warn anyone who is handicapped that Dish Network does NOT want your business, as they frown on guiding those who may have trouble reading their television font and do not want to bother helping them.

        • FigaroPho

          How can they help someone who can’t read the screen though? If you can’t read it, you can’t read it. There’s nothing they can do about that. They can’t adjust it to make it more readable.

  • mMike

    either way… a new customer can get a fair deal… but after the promo deal is over they will both jack you up for more cash…new customer= fair deal….. long time customer = you get screwed monthly

    • Curtiss White

      That also occurs when Renewing Insurance (Auto, ect.)…

      On the Day that your Policy expires, do not Renew your Insurance.

      Instead, Input a New Quote Online (As a New Customer, which I do each 6 months with Progressive) and You will receive a Lower Rate.
      Progressive does not offer low Rates to its loyal Customers.

      Purchase a NEW Policy to receive a much LOWER RATE!

      • sweetd


      • jr023

        just do not go 1 day without ins depending on your state you could get fined or license suspended be very careful with insurance

  • Pedro Barbosa

    The Issue at Hand:

    An offer
    was made by a Dish network representative that did not provide sufficient
    information for a customer to make a decision. The service provided also was a
    disaster. The first installer did not have a clue about want he was doing. The
    second installer was very competent, however, after wasting an entire day of my
    time and that of the installer, I was told that I could not get local stations
    from the local area that I was used to access and preferred. That is, I was
    accustomed to and preferred Washington, DC stations, but was told, after an
    entire day of getting the dish installed properly, that I could not receive
    Washington DC stations as my local stations because of my address (i.e.,
    location): information that I should have been given and would have avoided
    wasting so many people’s time and the additional money I had to pay the second
    installer. Being told that I could not receive Washington DC stations as my
    local stations because of my address, was insultingly absurd given that my
    current service provider, and your competitor was already providing access to Washington
    DC stations as my local stations. This was all very frustrating, a complete
    waste of my time and totally unnecessary. That is, had I been told this early
    on that my access to local stations would be restricted to Baltimore stations I
    would not have proceeded with this change in provider. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

    Further Feedback from Dish Network

    Quite interesting but, at best
    unclear, at worse and more likely, illogical, Dish Network informed me that “Federal
    law requires us to use the established local market boundaries and these cannot
    be changed by DIRECTV.” Thus, apparently there is a Federal law that
    applies only to Dish Network and not to, at least one of your major competitors
    for the service Dish Network provides and who apparently has no such
    restrictions, or perhaps, if one believes Dish Network, is breaking Federal
    law; which I doubt. However, I include Dish Network’s explanation because I
    submit that it presents yet another example of the “wonderful”customer
    service they provide. Although, I must say a logical explanation would have
    been preferable.

    • Bryan

      I know what you mean. I’d prefer to have Lancaster instead of Philadelphia local stations but that’s not an option satellites companies like so I can’t. A bummer.

  • Barbara

    It’s a darn shame that both agencies up the price and treat the loyal customers like crap. With that being said I’m disgusted with the service I received from dish right from the start. I live in a remote woody, hilly, area. About 6 years ago I had Direct TV come out here first, but they could not get a signal. Then I had Dish TV try and they could not get a signal. Then a person who choose to remain anonymous gave my daughter a number of an independent contractor (out of our area) affiliated with Dish TV. We called him and he came over with all the Dish equipment, and connected us to Dish. My daughter was helping me with a few tweaks here and there, so she had to call the local office in our area for assistance. The work man said to her “didn’t we tell you, you could not get a signal out there?” She said “well we got help from an out of state independent Dish contractor and he connected us. Now I am just having a minor programing problem” He was very rude and said “then call him back” and hung up. What does that tell you about Dish? Not very good service, that’s for sure! And now they are creeping up the bill by taping on $5.00 more every few months. I am an elderly retired person living on a fixed income. I tried to cut back from ‘America’s top 120 channels’, but I have been told that is the cheapest package I can get. No basic or economy package is available. Perhaps I’ll just give up TV stay on the internet and watch movies from Netflix!

  • Barbara

    I guess the bottom line is so many of us are willing to pay a great deal of money for entertainment. If enough people went on strike and stopped ordering from both agencies, the price’s might come down? Well that’s not going to happen is it? As I stated the only solution might be is to buy a computer and get on the internet (and the internet rates are also going up to) purchase Netflix etc.and watch movies etc. on your computer. And I have been informed that you can connect your computer to your TV set. Not the greatest option, but maybe the lesser of 2 evils?

    • James Stahlnecker

      you can also purchase a slimport, or a hdmi adapter for your phone (i have a lg g2 that works fine) and watch youtube or netflix through your phones service onto your tv

      • jr023

        watch for data limits if you do that many phones limit downloads and charge extra for each g.or throttle speeds

  • James Stahlnecker

    As a current Dish customer i feel the need to warn. As Dish falsely advertises their 120 package stays at $29.99 a month, no it goes upto $59.99, the $19.99 package goes upto $35.99. I have bills to prove. Direct tv 130 channel package only to goes up to $49.99. Direct tv seems to have a better package.

    • Joe Hammerdink

      Yeah, that’s how promotional prices work….

      What do all you people not get? DIRECTV works EXACTLY THE SAME, just higher.

      Unless you get a locked in price your bill is going up usually after 1 year.

      DIRECTV is more expensive and will “fee” you to death. They also have terrible technology. FACT.

      • FigaroPho

        Yes, promotional prices work the same way everywhere. The Genies aren’t great but DTV’s picture quality is vastly superior to Dish’s.

  • Maxine Turnage

    Let me tell you a sad tell that started on September 2014 … I
    was with Comcast and paying a very large amount for a bundled package until a
    little guy that was representing DishTV came to my house. He tells me how he
    can same me large amounts of money if I switch to DishTv and sign a two year
    contract. He tells me that DishTV has great bundles that do phone, internet,
    and TV just like Comcast but better because they do not charge as much. Tells
    me how my bill will stay below $120.00 a month for the term of the two year contract.
    Then he tells me that with the this promotional offer I would get a PS4 if I
    referred 5 friends. I told him that it sounded too good to be true and that I
    did not have 5 friends to refer so I would never get the PS4. He assured me
    that he would refer 5 people on my account and I’d have a PS4 for a Christmas
    gift for my granddaughter. The guy talked and talked to me and then to my
    daughter giving her the same spill. SO we changed…then everything came to
    light that we had been lied to greatly!

    First lie was that to bundle it is not one bill like
    Comcast. Next we had no phone lines to the mobile home and would have to pay
    between $400-500 to Frontier to have them installed and ran from the poles
    unlike Comcast that I have had for 10 years.

    Next lie was the the PS4. Com January 2015 I call and find
    that only one referral was ever turned in and I would not get a PS4. Then I was
    told that is was not DishTV’s problem, but instead to contact Dish TV One (a
    company that is not associated with DishTV) as they are the one that lied to

    DishTV offers me a $15 a month credit on my DishTV bill
    (just for the TV as that is all I have) for the duration of my contract. I’m
    stuck but at least they are making some sort of effort to correct part of the
    issue…so I accept as the will keep my bill about $80.00 plus the $80 a month
    I now still have to pay Comcast for phone and internet. This is a far cry from
    the $120 a month I was lied to about, but still better than the $200 I had been
    paying before.

    DishTV is good with the $15 a month credit for only 6 months
    then it just stops. I call and was told that they are sorry but that was all it
    was good for and that there is nothing they can do for me. So glad the people
    were able to stand behind the companies that lie to get the contracts, the on
    phone people that lie to shut up a customer at the time, then straight up lie
    to you again when it all comes to slight for the SECOND TIME!

    So here I am stuck in a two year contract that DishTV will
    charge me $390 to break all over lies from a DishTV subcontracted company that
    lies to the customers to get them signed up. When I call DishTV and complain is
    when I am so lucky to learn all of this bull crap and the spot I am now stuck
    in until September 2016. I would have thought that the lies would have voided
    the contract as contracts cannot sustain on a foundation of lies.

    • Joe Hammerdink

      You are blaming DISH for YOUR shortcomings guy.

      You were dealing with a RESELLER. Again, YOUR FAULT.

      A PS4? So you got greedy and bought into a conman’s offer. The worst part is you left it up to him to refer people to your account for you and then you blame DISH and not the RESELLER. That’s like blaming the gun instead of who pulled the trigger.

      Look, you clearly don’t understand promotions and contracts.

      DISH never lied to you or did you wrong. The shady reseller did you wrong.

      Next time go a company’s website and talk directly to them.

      • FigaroPho

        Let’s not blame the victim. But it should be said: NEVER buy Dish, DTV, or cable from someone going door-to-door or holding a clipboard at Best Buy/Walmart/Costco, etc.

        These are salespeople who don’t work for these companies. They work for sales companies on commission. They have no idea how the technology or contracts actually work and they don’t care. They only get paid based on how many sign-ups they snag so, many will lie to get more.

        If you want to buy cable or satellite, go to the official website and read the new customer offer, including all the fine print. If possible, read the entire new customer contract before calling or signing up online. DTV used to have a PDF of their’s on the website. Maybe they still do.

  • kimantha418
  • Reuben

    I’ve had dish for years and can’t complain about anything. They always have discounts that’ll last for 6 months. And always have promos. For people looking to add dish use this promo for discounts. Eml582417166

  • Mike Herron

    Former Dish customer. Fair warning. STAY AWAY FROM DISH! They will rob you blind. Especially when you realize you do not like it. You leave it. Even though everything is paid. Yes the stupid leave early penalty. They take another $600 out of your account. Thieves and crooks! Worse than AT&T. My advice over all is if its got a contract don’t get it unless you have no other options available.

  • Gary K

    Well, I’m glad to be the exception! I actually love my DISH service and so far they have been great in Customer Service and the new Hopper and paired remotes work great even to the point of locating lost remotes, easy on screen help at the touch of a button. My rate did go up in the second 12 months of the 24 month period but was exactly the amount the said it would when I signed up.

    Also when I took advantage of the HBO/Cinemax for a special rate they did remove it promptly when I called and requested it after the trial period rate expired. At that time the DISH representative also spent a little time on the phone and actually helped me reduce my rate even below that which was my agreed to 2nd 12 month obligation so either I’m a total exception or I just got lucky. I will say that it appears DISH drops out more than Direct TV during strong rain storms due to using a smaller dish than DTV is using now but not having DTV I can’t really compare. All I can say is I’ve been happy with my DISH service and support so far and get everything the family cares to watch on the DISH 250 plan. I also have to say we had AT&T U-Verse before moving to a location that it wasn’t available and had it been available we would have most likely stuck with U-Verse as the family liked it far better than Comcast/Xfinity Cable and when my DISH term is up if U-Verse is available I’ll have to reconsider if I want to go back to AT&T.

    One last caveat. If you plan on taking your Entertainment with you like if you travel with an RV then Satellite is definitely the way to go for, as I understand it, DISH will allow you to take your receiver with you and I very much believe that DTV will also allow you to do the same.

  • Bill

    I’m also the exception, I guess. I had DirecTv for a number of years and switched to Dish about 8 months ago. DirecTv used to be far superior technology-wise, but that has flipped. Dish is cheaper than DirecTv and is much, much better from a technology standpoint. I can access my DVR from my iPhone or iPad anywhere in the world and can also watch anything on Dish live the same way. Or transfer things from my DVR to my iPhone or iPad to watch when I don’t have an internet connection. Customer service has been great, too (what DirecTv used to be a long time ago). I highly recommend. If you use my referral code, when you sign up we’ll both receive $50 (as bill credits ($5/mo for 10 months): TMR892320505. I think you can use that online, or you can use if you sign up by calling 844-326-9580 and mention “Refer a Friend $50 Savings.”

  • Wayne Dunham

    It sure would have made the article more complete if you compared plan costs for both of them. I don’t mean the idiotic “teaser” rate, but what the plans ACTUALLY cost after they are done courting you and blowing smoke up your butt.
    Why is is SO HARD to find out what the actual rates are for all of the packages for Satellite, cable, etc?

    I mean why would anyone, anywhere, EVER sign a 2 year contract with no idea what the cost of that contract actually is?

  • Phil BRABANT

    No mention at all about equipment costs NONE…horrible article.

  • jr023

    as with any contract READ the whole thing a salesperson can say anything but whats written is the contract. but watch the taxes our wonderful government adds too they tell the voters there taxing the sat or cable co. then they or anothere gov agency rubber stamps the pass to the customer

  • Joe Hammerdink


    Also, don’t blame DISH for your inability to recognize a scammer reseller. Did you go to Dish’s website and get their number or did you call a reseller? I think we all know the answer.

    I don’t believe for one second any of the above happened through DISH. It just didn’t.

  • disqus_iAPLteAlub

    Too long to read, I don’t have all day

  • Dale Sonnenberg

    Both of these satellite companies suck especially directv, they charge you for everything including if their own equipment is bad, trust me anyone who gets either one of these directv or dish is a total moron, my contract with these idiots cant be over enough, directv sucks and dish is no better, wait till your in the middle of something and your picture goes out, they say its cause the weather, but that almost never happens with cable and they need to quit lying to the public, they are famous for that, absolutely nothing is good about these satellite companies, NOTHING! !!!!!

  • Dylan Campbell

    The ONLY reason you should ever have Directv is if you want the NFL Sunday Ticket. That’s it. That is the only thing advantage that Directv has over Dish. I was a long time (5 years) customer of Directv. In September 2016 I had a new roof put on my house and needed a simple realignment of the dish after the work was completed. Directv told me when I called on September 21st that they couldn’t have a tech there until October 11th!!! Are you kidding me? Three frickin weeks to get a tech out for a 2 minute job? That’s the start of football season, beginning of the fall lineup, start of MLB playoffs, etc. So I called DISH and they said they could be there in the morning to do the full setup at no charge. I was set up by noon the next day. I was able to get the America’s top 250 package with DISH (best package) on 5 Tvs for $32 less per month than I was paying for the Choice package (middle package) with Directv. $143 vs $111 and my price is guaranteed for 2 years with DISH. Directv will always jack up your rates and then you have to call in and threaten to disconnect your service at which time they will give you some discounts. Despite the fact that Directv would not get a service tech to me for 21 days, they still hit me with a $120 disconnect fee. That’s what you get for 5 years of loyalty to Directv. Dish has better channels, better service, and better features. There is no comparison on the DVR and Joey system compared to Directv. DISH blows Directv out of the water with technology. You also get Netflix directly on the DISH Hopper (you still pay the subscription price) so you don’t need a Bluray or Roku in every room to get Netflix. DISH also has Sirius XM in their channel lineup. I’m getting them for free right now. I’m not sure if that is a permanent deal or not, but that would be another feather in the cap of DISH. Customer service? I get directly to a person within a few minutes when I call DISH. I called Directv yesterday and was on hold for a total of 48 minutes before I got to the person who could solve my minor problem (returning the equipment). The AT&T/Directv merger may have been the worst thing that ever happened to Directv. Their customer service has plummeted and they no longer give a damn about their customers at all. It’s too bad, because I would have never left and found out how much better DISH is if they had just provided the service you would expect from your satellite provider.