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    While my blog’s mostly about frugal takes on menswear, these tips is probably true for women’s clothing too:

    if the site has a review system, definitely check up on what users say about the fit of the piece. If you’re lucky, they’ll also describe their own height, weight, and build to give you some context about how it fit.

    Also, if you can’t find enough measurements information online, some retailers have excellent customer support by phone with access to the item that can actually measure it for you. For example, I know Lands’ End does this..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BWFRTXR75YDHVKLI56C4NNKGQY uclalien

    I try to shop on websites that either have a local physical location that accepts returns or websites that have free return shipping when doing an exchange for a different size. In the past year, I’ve ordered athletic shoes online on two occasions where shipping is free for size exchanges. Fortunately, I haven’t had to take advantage of that benefit. And just the other day, I ordered 4 shirts online with the intention of returning at least two of them. I didn’t worry though because they had a physical location about 5 minutes from my house.

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    Great tips. Several catalogs I order from have comments about the fit & I know that the full fit in pants always works. It’s also helpful to buy from companies that send a return label in the pkg. Even though they deduct a flat amount for returns, at least you can just repackage the item(s), affix the label & drop it in a postal or UPS collection box, as required. Much easier than standing in line at the post office.

  • Kateryna

    Today some on-line shops use new technologies to help their customers with sizing problem. I also like how Net-a-porter solves this problem. They measure each item in each size and show the exact measurments of all clothes. It helped me very much when i’ve bought dress for my mother. I just compared measurements on the site with the measurments of the similar dress from her wardrobe.

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