Save Money and Rent a Movie for $1 at McDonalds

Move over Blockbuster and Netflix, because Mcdonalds is moving into the DVD rental market. Most of you may have seen the commercials or seen the Red Box DVD rental kiosks at Mcdonald’s, but have you used it yet? My wife and I just used it tonight, and this will mark the fourth time that we’ve used the Red Box DVD rentals at Mcdonalds.

If you’re not familiar with it, I’ll give you a quick rundown on how it works. Basically, you pick a a movie from their decent selection of mostly new releases. Once you choose your movie, you swipe your debit or credit card, and the Red Box charges you a $1 for every 24 hours that you keep the rental. If you keep the rental for longer than 25 days, it will just charge you $25 on your credit card and you keep the DVD. We rented two movies for $2, and we’ll watch one tonight and the other either tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon. We bring it back tomorrow night by 7pm, and we don’t get any additional charges. If I had done this at Blockbuster, I would have cost me $8 and change. Many Netflix subscribers pay for the $14.99 plan, and I would assume that many do not get through 15 DVDs in a month with all of the shipping back and forth.

The Red Box isn’t the solution to everything when it comes to renting a DVD. The selection is limited, some people don’t have a Mcdonald’s near them, and some people are horrible with bringing back the DVD. However, if you are the average rental user and you rent mostly new releases, have a Mcdonald’s near you, and are diligent about returning the movie the next day, this is a great way to save some extra cash on DVD rentals.

Check it out, because I’m sure you’ve seen the Red Box, but haven’t had the urge to try it out. I think it’s a pretty cool way of renting DVDs until DVDs are phased out by on-demand rentals on cable and satellite networks.

  • Tim

    hey bud,

    The library in downtown WPB loans fairly new releases for a good 14 days for free. Also, what do you think about waiting to pay of some debt in order to use my savings to move?


  • author

    Yeah, the library and gainesville is horrible with their movie rentals. But yeah, you’re right. If you live in a big city, libraries usually have a good selection for free!

    Yeah, If it were me, I would use the savings to pay cash for your moving expenses. You can put the debt on hold for a little bit. There’s no sense in paying off money on a credit card and then putting the money right back on it to move, ya know.

  • Lazy Man and Money

    There’s no Red Box near me (San Mateo County California), but there’s a DVD Play. It’s the same thing, but $1.50 for the first day and $.99 each additional (I think).

    I would love to save that extra 50 cents, but it’s still a pretty good deal for parts of the country that have no Red Box.

  • author

    yeah, the red box is pretty cool. Like I said, if you’re looking for a good older movie it isn’t the thing to do. But, if there’s a movie you didn’t catch in the theaters and you’ve got a Mcdonald’s down the street from you, it’s very easy to watch it that night and take it back the next day. Then, you’re only paying a $1. And it even beats netflix, because it’s very tough to watch 15 movies a month using netflix.

  • Fact:

    Redbox excepts DVDPlay DVDs

    Redbox will except a dvdplay DVD (both red kiosks – look alike). Redbox will display the return is successful!
    Redbox gets the DVD! You will pay $24+ per movie to DVDPlay and no DVD for you!
    Both make out. Can you say SCAM!!!!! They have to affiliated!

  • http:[email protected] susie

    are gift cards available for the Red box rental movies

    • Erik Folgate

      Susie, I do not believe that Red Box offers gift cards yet. Sorry!

  • Mac

    Still an excellent option for a movie night today. I’ve long been impressed with RedBox, but it still has one glaring weakness, you have to drive to McDonalds/drug store/Walmart/wherever in order to get a movie. With the competition (Netflix), the movies come to you. Maybe not a huge deal, but you do save some time & gas and now Netflix has a huge selection of popular movies available via their streaming service too.