How I Saved $50 Per Month on Auto Insurance

how to save money on auto insuranceIf you watch television, you are sure to see many commercials from auto insurance companies. All of them have the same common theme: they can save you the most money on your policy. This leads to the million dollar question. Which company actually offers the best rates? The only way to answer is to do your homework. Fortunately for you, I am going to provide a “cheat sheet” below.

Before I get into great detail, let me provide a bit of background information. For years, I was insured through Allstate. They offered great customer service as well as a local agent who I grew to trust. That being said, at the end of 2009 I began to strongly consider making a change. This was driven by one thing and one thing only: saving money.

Below are the steps I took to not only save on auto insurance, but to also receive better coverage:

1. I studied my policy to determine what I liked, what I disliked, how much I was paying, and what needed to change. You won’t be able to buy a better policy if you don’t know what you have right now.

2. I used the internet to obtain five to seven auto insurance quotes. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Visit the individual site of every auto insurance company. The main benefit of this is that you can learn about the finer details of each provider, while also becoming more comfortable with what you are being offered.
  • Fill out one form on a third party site to receive several quotes. This is a great way to save time, but you may feel a bit of “disconnect” at first. In other words, when you start, you are not dealing direct with the insurance company. To make up for this lack of personal attention, rely on a trusted source such as or

3.  I compared and considered each and every policy. Although I knew that some policies were not for me, I still gave them strong consideration. Comparing auto insurance quotes is a long process. If you take your time and move methodically through the task, you will end up with several policies that could work for you.

4. I made my decision based on two factors: cost and coverage. As noted above, I really wanted to save money on my auto insurance policy. Even though this was my main motivation, I knew that I couldn’t afford to settle for less coverage. This is the most important step in the process, but it’s one that should not stump you. It is very easy to see which policies you can afford and which ones are out of your league.

So, which company did I end up buying from? In the end, I found that Geico offered the best deal. In addition to saving $50 per month, I was able to receive the same coverage that Allstate was offering plus a little bit more (rental car coverage). In my eyes, the only thing I gave up was a local agent. While this was a bit of a change, I still don’t see it as that big of a deal.

If you want to save on auto insurance, follow the steps above. Do you have anything else to add? Is there anything I could have done better?

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  • Beating Broke

    I’m just starting to go through all of this as well. So far, it looks like I’ll likely see about the same amount of savings ($50) by switching. It’s unfortunate that some places aren’t a bit more competitive.

  • Tdubbs27

    If you follow Dave Ramsey you can save money by increasing your deductibles. You won’t notice the difference IF you have an emergency fund that can take the increased deductible amounts hit.

  • Chris

    @Beating Broke – You are spot on about some companies not being competitive. But if you keep looking you will find some that are willing to give you a good deal.

    Tdubbs27 – Totally right! Increase the deductible and watch your premium fall!

  • Winston

    Just curious. When you called your agent to cancel your insurance, did you ask him/her whether or not Allstate will the policy of matching the rate you were getting from Geico?

  • Mac

    About once a year I contact the major insurance companies and check rates and for some reason, Progressive is always the cheapest for the coverage I want. Not sure why. We’ve been happy with their customer service as well, so we may just stick with them. Then again, tomorrow there may be another company willing to offer a better deal!

  • Chris

    @Winston – Great question. Before I could bring it up he told me “we can’t even come close to that” so I kinda just let it go. Was a bit disappointing, to be honest.

  • Bucksome Boomer

    I recommend checking out buying car insurance through Costco. We saved hundreds by switching.

  • gina

    Another thing to consider, you may get even more of a discount if you quote several policies with the same company. Many companies with provide and even larger discount if you have auto insurance, homeowners, etc all with the same company. Definitely worthwhile investigating…

  • Shock

    I get a group discount on my car and home insurance through my employer. The payment is even deducted through my paycheck so I never have to think about it. I get all the discounts I qualify for and have a high deductible. Add the group discount and I barely pay anything for insurance.