Saving Money On Your Phone Calls with Voice-over IP companies

I just saw the new advertisement from Vonage boasting service for $19.99.  VoIP has been an emerging technology for making phone calls across the United States.  This is not a tech blog, but basically it works by using the same type of technology that helps to connect computers with each other on the internet by using an IP address which is unique to each phone or computer at the time of use.  It actually uses a broadband internet connection, so this is one of the things that most people do not know.  You need to have high-speed internet in order to have a VoIP phone service. 

I have heard good things and bad things about this service, but most of them sound like they were small bugs that needed to get worked out when Vonage first launched their campaign.  The reception seems to have improved quite a bit from what I have heard from subscribers of Vonage. I thought that I would talk about this phone service, because it is a great alternative to the standard telephone market that can get very expensive when using long distance.  Most gen next (like me) folks use a cell phone as their primary phone.  This makes a ton of sense, because you get voice mail, free long-distance, and everything else that expensive land lines offer. 

If you prefer to have a land line as well as a cell phone, my suggestion is to get on board with Vonage’s newest plan.  You can get the promotional rate for $19.99, and $24.99 thereafter.  The plan includes free voicemail, caller id, call waiting, and call forwarding.  There is also a great small business plan for $49.99, which is a great way for the home-based business to call long-distance for a very low rate. 

If you are looking for ways to save money in your monthly budget, look first to bills like this.  Evaluate your telecommunications, cable/entertainment, and energy bills and implement ways to save money on these monthly, recurring bills. 

  • Kira

    Actually, Lingo (a service very similar to Vonage) has an $8 per month plan (about $10 after taxes) which has incoming calls free, so it’s good for people who are going to return calls by cell phone anyway. I had this service and was suitably pleased with it, although I ended up cancelling it since I only used the cell phone.