Small Business: Do You Have a Blog?

If you’re currently running a small business or a home-based business, but you are not writing or managing a blog for your business, there is a problem. Blogs are probably the easiest self-publishing tool to create on the internet. If you already have a website for your smalll business, then you’re already paying for a domain name and a web hosting package to house the domain and its content.

How to Set it Up:

  1. Set up a subdomain name such as If you don’t know how to do this, talk to the customer support of the company from which you purchased the web hosting package. Or, if you have someone who handles all of your web stuff, ask them to do it and I am sure they’ll know what you are talking about. If they don’t, then you should look to hiring a different web guru.
  2. Install WordPressonto the subdomain. This is the best and easiest blogging software to work with that is available on the internet. The best part about it is that it is FREE! WordPress comes with a plethora of free design templates. You can choose one of those, or you can get someone else to code the software to have the same look or feel as your main website.
  3. Link your blog to your website. Make sure you don’t forgot to put a link to your blog from your main homepage. When you first launch the blog, you might want to put a big announcement on your homepage letting your visitors know about the blog.
  4. The Benefits of Writing a Blog For Your Business

    • Your customers or potential customers will have access to the most up-to-date way of getting information out about your business. You can announce upcoming, new products or tell them about a fundraiser that you your business is taking part in for the community.
    • You can connect with your customers. Blogs allow visitors to comment on blog posts. You may never get the chance to talk to your customers in a more intimate setting. Blogs allow you to start a dialogue with your readers. There is no better marketing tool than having your customers tell you directly what they want!
    • Traditional websites are very static. It’s hard to update a traditional website quickly, especially if you are relying on someone else to do it. A WordPress based blog allows you to write something out quickly and hit one button. Boom, it’s published on the web for your customers to read it. You may have a family emergency that doesn’t allow you to send out orders as quickly as normal. Write a little post about your situation and your customers will be more than happy to wait now that they know your situation.
    • In order for you to survive as a small business, you need to have customer service as your number one priority. Maintaining a blog is just one more added service to your customers that keeps them informed about your business. Get a business blog started today. You’ll thank yourself for doing it when you start seeing your sales go up.

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