Starbucks Will Give Away 50 million Free iTunes Songs

Starbucks comes to the marketing rescue of Apple by starting a promotion that will give away 50 million free iTunes songs to customers who purchase one of their lattes. Maybe this will help justify buying one of those over-priced drinks! Although, like any other promotion that sounds so cool, there’s a catch. The free song won’t be redeemable for any song that you want. Starbucks or iTunes will pick a “Song of the Day” that you can use to redeem the free song. I know that some of you were already scheming up ideas of how to get like 50 of these cards each day. Don’t bother going around asking every grandmother for their free card, because it won’t do you much good. Also, remember that the card expires at the end of the year if you don’t use it.

Is it just me, or is Apple really dragging their feet with their iPod technology? It’s almost insulting as a consumer to be strung along by Apple to keep buying every new iPod that comes out. Apple could have EASILY installed a functional FM tuner and wireless capabilities into the iPod Nano, but instead they decide to just put in video capabilities. Look at all of their competitors out there. So many of them have 3 or 4 more functions than the iPod Nano, yet they still can’t gain market share because of brand recognition and style points. It’s cool to have an iPod. iPod knows it, so they keep putting one more function into every new generation to keep you in this cycle of upgrading to their new generation.

Of course, I just sold my 30gb iPod Photo so that I could buy the new Nano. Their schemes are working on me, but I’m just pissing and moaning about it, because I’ve realized what they’re doing, I just don’t care enough to boycott them and buy a different brand.

  • John

    Great company always thinking of ways to generate more money.