Gymboree Visa Credit Card Review – Get 5% Off Discounts

gymboree visa credit cardDo you love to buy Gymboree clothing for your children? Are looking to gain some rewards for your loyalty? Fortunately, you can save 5% off every shopping trip with the Gymboree Visa from US Bank.

This card has no annual fee, but it does have a hefty APR of 13.99% to 22.99%, depending on credit worthiness. If you tend to carry a balance, the APR negates any savings. This card works best for people who pay off their credit cards each month (i.e. using credit cards wisely).

Key Features

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Zenni Optical Review – Buy Cheap Glasses Online

glasses stackIf you wear glasses or contact lenses, you know about the costs associated with ordering disposable contacts and with staying up to date and in fashion with new prescription eyeglasses. In fact, the National Association of Vision Care Plans puts the average cost of new eyeglasses at $263.00.

Most optical shops accept vision insurance, or provide discounts to members of various associations, including AAA membership discounts. Insurance and discounts typically cannot be combined with other offers, and often only reduce the total price of the glasses by 30%. With prices like that, unsurprisingly, people seek cheaper alternatives. Zenni Optical offers an affordable alternative to your neighborhood optometrist.

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Gap Visa Credit Card Review – Get Discounts Shopping

gap visa credit cardI’m a frequent shopper at Gap and I am always looking for ways to earn rewards and save money when I shop. The Gap Visa Card allows me to do both.

Gap offers promotions throughout the year available only to Gap Visa cardholders, and also provides other rich rewards and benefits.

To save money with this card, however, cardholders must pay off their balance in full every month, because the card has a hefty annual percentage rate (APR).

Key Features

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  • 20% Off Sign-up Bonus. After getting approved for the Gap Visa card, you get 20% off your first purchase.

Carbonite Review & Offer Code – Online Computer Backup Worth It?

This post brought to you by Carbonite. All opinions are 100% mine.

carboniteAny Star Wars fan can vividly remember the scene in The Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo is “frozen in carbonite” for his delivery to Jabba the Hutt.

The mythical substance is also the namesake of an innovative online backup service that stores the important contents of your computer in the event that it is lost, stolen, or damaged.

How Carbonite Works

Users start by downloading an application that scans the irreplaceable files on your computer. Those files are then sent over the Internet to the servers hosted by Carbonite. As you continue to create, receive, and modify files, Carbonite will continuously update them in the background.

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Sprint Total Equipment Protection Review – Phone Insurance App

This post brought to you by Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.

sprint total equipment protectionWhile it is thrilling to whip out your new smartphone and gain access to a world of information, that exhilaration can be replaced with a terrible, sinking feeling when your phone is damaged or lost. Mobile service providers sell insurance plans to allow their customers to receive a new phone in the event of loss, damage, or theft.

Sprint now offers the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App to Sprint and Nextel customers. The plan goes beyond a simple replacement policy, by developing a useful application that can assist you if something happens to your phone. The coverage is optional and can be canceled at any time.

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Cardpool Review – Exchange Gift Cards Online

cardpool gift cardGift cards have become a second currency in the United States. From local stores to large international corporations, nearly every merchant offers gift cards.

Many stores offer customers gift cards for refunds in lieu of cash. Most gift cards can only be used at specific merchants, so a thriving market exists for the sale and trade of unwanted gift cards.

Cardpool buys and sells gift cards, helping consumers to maximize utilization of the cards.

How Cardpool Works

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  • Cardpool Is Both Buyer & Seller. As a broker, Cardpool essentially serves as both the buyer and seller of your gift cards.

Comcast Xfinity vs. Verizon FiOS Review

tv and internet mediaAs a residential customer, you used to be lucky just to have access to broadband Internet access from any one provider. Now, many households can choose from a few different companies.

Two of the largest providers are Comcast, which now brands its services as Xfinity, and Verizon, which uses a product called FiOS. Both companies offer bundles that provide television programming, Internet access, and residential telephone services – the more services you purchase, the more of a discount they’ll give.

At first glance, both services may seem pretty much the same, even though each company touts its advantages as significantly better than the other’s. So which company truly offers the better deal for cable customers?

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Aurora Bank Review – An Online Bank with Competitive Interest Rates

aurora bank logoWhen the age of the commercial Internet dawned in the mid 1990’s, banks were quick to seize on the potential of this new development. Until that time, retail banks required expensive branch offices in each community they hoped to serve. However, an online bank could broaden its customer base by marketing services to all United States residents.

So it happened that consumers benefited from increased competition for their business while banks cut their costs by reducing or eliminating the need for branch locations and staff. Aurora Bank is one such Delaware-based institution that offers certificates of deposit (CDs) and money market accounts in addition to checking and savings accounts and home mortgages.

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What Is Roku – Review of Streaming Digital Media Player

roku logoIn the 40’s and 50’s, Americans began receiving their television signals over the air. In the 70’s and 80’s, cable and satellite companies largely supplanted the broadcast signal.

One day, we will look back at this decade as the period in time when over the air digital television and content from the Internet replaced cable and satellite television. While the explosion of Internet programming is exciting, watching television on your computer may not feel like progress.

Fortunately, innovative companies have stepped forward to extend your Internet media from your computer’s monitor to your television. Roku offers several models of its Internet video streaming device.

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Citi mtvU Platinum Select Credit Card Review for College Students

This offer is no longer available.

citi mtvu credit cardObtain a student credit card to develop your personal finance skills. Receiving rewards for charging more purchases to a credit card may seem tempting, but students should limit their spending, and pay their balances in full every month.

The Citi mtvU Platinum Select card rewards students for good grades. Students can redeem awards for MTV-branded merchandise and events.

Key Features

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  • Earn ThankYou Points. For each dollar spent, students earn a point in Citi’s proprietary rewards program. Students earn five ThankYou points for spending in categories popular with students including book stores, movie theaters, music stores, restaurants, and video rental stores. Students can earn up to 75,000 ThankYou points each year.