• Benjamin

    I’ve had VPI coverage for my two dogs since a $700 trip to the vet ER convinced me it might be a good idea. Nine years later, I’m convinced it wasn’t worth it. On average, over the last 9 years I’ve been paying on average $65 ($32.50 each) a month and that only included an “Emergency and Illness coverage” policy with a cancer clause. In all I’ve spent roughly $7000 for the insurance and probably gotten back a thousand. If I could go back in time, I’d tell myself to put the same money into a savings account and draw on it as needed for them.


  • Steve

    @Benjamin – Isn’t that the nature of insurance? It’s piece of mind. The reason insurance companies exist is because they don’t pay out claims to every customer. I’ve had homeowners insurance for 7 years and put in around $10,000 over that time. I had one claim for $1200. I have paid at least $1500 in car insurance year for 20 years. Never had a claim (knock on wood). I am thinking about pet insurance for my dog, and I think it would be worth it to have that piece of mind if a $1000 or more bill comes up and I don’t have the cash on hand. I think you should be thrilled that you haven’t had a claim for your two dogs in nine years!

  • nina896

    i’ve had pet insurance in the past and it rarely paid (literally).
    they’ll do whatever they can not to cover and you always end up
    having to wait for a reimbursement check for the measly amount that
    they do cover. you’re better off creating a rainy day fund for
    future vet visits or signing up with a veterinary discount plan
    like Pet Assure which offers a discount up front.

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