• sb

    I have the fidelity AMX and I love it. I have it set up to automatically deposit into my kids 529 account. So not only do I get the 2% cash but the it is making between 6.5-9% in a college fund. And NO annual fee! Much better deal than the Black card!

  • zara

    I advised anyone that is interested in becoming part of the “visa black card team”. Dont Do IT!!! Ive had this card for 3 months and it was my worse experience ever. I have more then one charge cards and they are all the same but this one. Not to forget its a 495$ yearly annual fee which is not worth it for example when you call to speak to a representative the wait is a mintue or so to get in contact with when.Another example is when a merchant gives you a credit on your credit card and instead of it going back on the card that it was purchased on, they instead give you a Check that you would have to wait for!! Another thing is the card is not Zero Liabilitiy as they would say if its fraud you would have to go through a whole process which takes more then 40days. This is one card you dont want and the list goes on about how bad the card is and my experiences. The Visa Black Card doesnt care about you they just want your money. RUNNNNNNN THE OTHER DIRECTION

  • Lisa Thomas Shurter

    I just got a pre approval for it…not going to do it after reading these reviews.Thank you

  • Andrew Bhatia

    Black Visa Card ! what a joke
    These folks are not trained and do not care…!

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